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Access Business Group LLC Upgrades to IMMPOWER R6

IMMPOWER R6 is an integral part of the comprehensive Revere solutions suite for asset management operations.

New features and functionality available in IMMPOWER R6 include:

  • fully compatibility with Oracle® 11g and Microsoft® Windows® Vista, as well as earlier versions of Oracle and Microsoft Windows;
  • true ultra-thin client technology where client PCs require only an Internet browser for users to interface with the application;
  • drag-and-drop functionality to help reduce time and labor costs associated with entering data and completing tasks;
  • advanced work order scheduling to build daily work schedules for crews and employees;
  • customizable dashboard views that allow you to access quickly the information and key performance indicators you need for managing maintenance projects and making business-critical decisions;
  • the new Condition-based Maintenance module for monitoring condition-based maintenance parameters;
  • improved Warranty Management module to manage warranties for critical assets.

About Access Business Group LLC

Access Business Group has world-class talent and facilities to develop, make and distribute high-quality products worldwide, not only for Amway, but for other companies as well. Access Business Group is a wholly owned subsidiary of Alticor Inc., the parent company of Amway.

About Alticor Inc.
Alticor is the parent company of Amway Corp., Amway Global, Access Business Group LLC and Alticor Corporate Enterprises. Headquartered in Ada, Michigan, USA, Alticor and its affiliates offer products, business opportunities, and product development, manufacturing and logistics services in more than 80 countries and territories worldwide. In its most recent financial year, the company reported worldwide sales of $8.2 billion.

About Revere, Inc.
Revere, Inc. has over 27 years of experience with Enterprise Asset Management (EAM), Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS), and Shutdown Planning and Turnaround software implementations worldwide.

Revere’s focus is to provide software-based EAM, CMMS, and Shutdown/Turnaround Planning solutions and complementary products to companies where asset management is mission-critical and the capital assets are essential to generating revenue. Revere designs its solutions specifically for the needs of industries such as upstream and downstream petroleum, power generation, chemical process, pulp and paper, mining, metals, manufacturing, and transportation.

Revere, Inc. is headquartered in Birmingham, Alabama. For more information about Revere, please visit our Web site at  or call 205.795.3681.

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