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Access SAP Plant Maintenance via a Mobile Device… Fast, Easy, and Flexible

Synactive can resolve this predicament. The GuiXT Mobile Solution gives SAP customers fast connectivity to the SAP database without configuration to SAP, additional servers, or browser-based clients. This suite gives SAP customers the ability to simplify and automate all their transactions for their mobile workforce. Moreover, by customizing the SAP GUI screens to fit on the mobile displays, you reduce scrolling, navigation, and excess time that the user spends trying to assimilate to the transactions on a mobile device. This inevitably speeds up your business operations, increases data integrity, and gives you information from SAP in real time.

The GuiXT Mobile solution allows you to tailor your transactions to the specific needs of your business, processes, employees, and customers. This solution allows your mobile users to gather, enter, and share information while in a Wi-Fi range. Best of all, it gives you access to your entire SAP ERP, including SCM, CRM, PLM, and SRM transactions. Now you can leverage the functionality in your SAP transactions so your mobile workforce can improve business operations with regard to Bar Code Scanning, Perpetual Inventory Cycles, Price Checks, Shipping, Returns, Order Entry, etc.

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