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Accurate gearbox-to-generator shaft alignment made easy with OPTALIGN SMART WIND

The OPTALIGN SMART WIND is specially configured with firmware features that ensure high measurement accuracy and with mounting hardware that is ideally suited for optimal alignment of the gearbox and generator shafts in wind turbines. No matter the manufacturer, coupling or turbine type, OPTALIGN SMART WIND makes generator-to-gearbox alignment inside any nacelle easy. This safeguards reliability and optimizes the energy efficiency of the wind turbine.

Good alignment reduces bearing failure, coupling wear, noise and vibration.

Keep the blades turning with LUDECAwind.


About LUDECAwind

LUDECAwind is a vendor of Preventive, Predictive and Corrective Maintenance Solutions for the wind power industry including laser alignment, condition monitoring, vibration analysis, balancing equipment and services as well as software and training. For more information, visit

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