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Acoustiblok Inc., Expands International Business Network to Caribbean

Acoustiblok Inc. Founder and President, Lahnie Johnson, is pleased to announce Darrell Bereaux as Acoustiblok’s Regional Distributor for the Caribbean Islands of Trinidad and Tobago.

Acoustiblok Inc. is a NASA spinoff listed company and the inventor of Acoustiblok material, a revolutionary 1/8” (3-mm) thin, flexible soundproofing material that reduces more sound than 12-inches of poured concrete when added to a stud wall.

Recently featured on National Geographic Channel’s, Showdown of the Unbeatables, Acoustiblok won the television challenge to silence the deafening train air horns and blaring guitar (reaching over 130 decibels) with only a fraction of an inch of the patented Acoustiblok material. Rather than attempting to block or absorb sound as other materials attempt to do, the Acoustiblok material transforms sound energy into inaudible internal friction energy as the soft heavy material flexes from sound waves (exactly the same as lead without the environmental problems or costs).

Darrell is excited to offer Acoustiblok products to his clients in Trinidad and Tobago, “There is not another product like Acoustiblok on the islands available and there is a great need.” Darrell chose Acoustiblok over similar products because of its excellent reputation in the industry.

The global demand for sound deadening products has been steadily rising as noise pollution has become so prevalent in our environment. Noise pollution has been linked to not only hearing loss, but sleep disturbances, heart disease, stroke, elevated blood pressure, and inability to concentrate. Children exposed to elevated noise levels regularly are shown to have lower test scores and heightened rates of distraction.

In Trinidad and Tobago, there are both industrial and commercial sources of noise as well as residential. Natural gas and crude oil are two big industries in the area. In the commercial sector there are many nightclubs and restaurants. Traffic is also a problem, and of course, Carnival. Festivities start two months prior to Lent with trucks and excessive street noise every Friday through Sunday leading up to Carnival. Noise ordinances are in place, but most people are not aware of sound levels and the health risks that come with high level noise.

Darrell is an audio engineer and also teaches audio engineering in Trinidad. He received his Bachelor of Science from Full Sail Real World Education in Orlando, Florida and additional training as an Audio Engineer from the Ministry of Arts and Multiculturalism. Darrell and his team at BEXtronics handle turn key acoustical design and installation for performance based spaces, in addition to noise mitigation and vibration isolation. They will be marketing complete “Acoustiblok Sound Reduction Systems,” products and installations for the company.

“Darrell Bereaux is a highly knowledgeable and experienced audio engineer in a high-demand market,” Johnson said. “We are thrilled to have Darrell joining the team at Acoustiblok. His extensive experience and a comprehensive understanding of the area’s noise abatement needs make him a welcome addition to our international sales division.”

BEXtronics is currently offering Acoustiblok material and QuietFiber, and will over time carry the full range of Acoustiblok products specifically designed to address a full spectrum of types of noise problems, as well as Thermablok, a highly advanced insulation material utilizing aerogel technology developed by NASA.

“The timing couldn’t be better. Acoustiblok is well positioned to handle the growing demand for our products worldwide with the current expansion of our international headquarters in Tampa, Florida,” said Johnson.
For more information on Acoustiblok products and the services offered by Bextronics for the Trinidad and Tobago Islands, please contact Darrell Bereaux, Managing Director:, or call 1-868-766-0440 in Trinidad.

About Acoustiblok - “Quieting the World”
Acoustiblok, a NASA spinoff listed company, specializes in resolving noise issues from the miniscule sound vibrations that hinder an electron microscope from focusing, to ear splitting jet engine test facilities. Not only inventing as special needs arise, Acoustiblok also manufactures and markets such innovative products throughout the world.
Primary products include Acoustiblok® viscoelastic polymer based soundproofing material, Acoustifence® outdoor acoustical fence, All Weather Sound Panels®, QuietFiber® insulating material, Quiet-Cloud® industrial sound absorption panels, Acoustiblok WALLCOVER®, and Thermablok® aerogel nanotechnology thermal insulation strips. Acoustiblok products are used in industrial, residential, commercial, and marine sectors worldwide. The company’s products are made and sourced in the United States.
Acoustiblok Inc. ships products to more than 60 countries through a network of stocking distributors in the United States, on five continents across the globe and throughout the Mid-East. Acoustiblok products are distributed in the Mid-East by Acoustiblok Mideast. 
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