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Advoco Provides the Power of Visualization to Infor EAM Users with the Launch of Sixth Sense

Advoco developed Sixth Sense to allow customers to visualize live data, develop and drill down further into sophisticated charts, and gain visibility into critical metrics such as energy consumption, maintenance data, or purchasing information for example. Marty Osborn, partner at Advoco, said, “Energy management should be a part of every organization’s savings strategy. Sixth Sense gives Infor EAM customers the power to see if an individual piece of equipment is going beyond its planned energy usage.” Moreover, the Sixth Sense product is simple to add and modify with no software required, and it conveniently allows for access to key Infor EAM data from a dashboard from mobile phone devices, including Blackberry, iPhone, and Droid.

“Data can be difficult to comprehend, and important facts can often get lost in the details and numbers. Sixth Sense offers customers the power of visualization, providing the ability to drill down into high-level charts to review underlying data,” explained Osborn. Sixth Sense is intuitive and can help customers run their business better, identifying problems through the visual representation of data before customers even know they exist.

For additional information on Advoco or Infor EAM software and services, call 864-233-1102 or visit You may also view our video discussions—Marty’s Minute—where casual, regular tapings recorded in-house cover hot trends in a 60-seconds timeframe.

About Advoco

Advoco is a leading management and consulting services company headquartered in San Francisco, CA with offices in Greenville, SC and Dubai, UAE. Advoco focuses on Infor EAM—previously known as Datastream 7i—offering EAM services and implementation.

By optimizing business performance through an improved application of IT, Advoco forms a trusted partnership and continues to meet the complex needs of leading organizations. Advoco clients include Fortune 1000 accounts and leading private and public organizations around the world. In Latin, advoco means “to call in an advisor.” For Advoco customers, it simply means business. It’s a promise we deliver daily. Expect success.

For more information about Advoco, call 864-233-1102 or visit

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