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AerialPoint Provides Roof Management Features as a Value-Added Service

Major features include:
• Complete roof asset information and points of interest can be added, such as chiller units, antennas, satellite dishes, gas and steam lines, solar panels, etc.
• Aerial Point Ranking (APR) lets you pinpoint highest priority based on most critical and severity of damage.
• Table view of an entire roof portfolio in addition to thumbnail views of each roof with drill-down capabilities for complete details on each roof.
• Warranty information can be added, including information on deck type, roof type, install date, manufacturer, contractor, warranty expiration, etc., as well as problem areas associated with the warranty and a summary table cross referencing the problems by intensity and their state of repair.
• Browser support for all major web browsers.

“We are excited to roll out such a comprehensive program of features for our aerial infrared client base,” said Shawn Goertzen, director of IT at Predictive Service. “For instance, Aerial Point Ranking (APR) prioritizes roof issues by criticality allowing them to focus on the most important repairs first which is extremely important and timely.”

AerialPoint gives clients the ability to securely manage a single site or entire portfolio from anywhere via the web, through tiered and customized access. A user can search, sort or aggregate the information contained within their portfolio, prioritizing repair actions by facility, problems, severity and calculated repair costs.

“AerialPoint improves the way our clients can accurately forecast and prioritize their roof spending, saving thousands in unplanned and unwarranted repairs. Not only are we able to accurately and efficiently detect potential roof moisture but now we can help our clients continue to manage their roofs long after the inspection has been completed.” said Predictive Service President Don Frankel.

About Predictive Service
Predictive Service is a global leader in reliability providing consulting, integrated predictive maintenance (PdM), and maintenance repair solutions. Our unique approach, standardized process and innovative delivery platform identifies critical maintenance issues before failures occur. Our dedicated professionals service customers in over 60 countries and inspect over 300,000 assets annually. We are headquartered in Cleveland, Ohio with international offices in North America, South America, Europe and Asia. Predictive Service is one of the fastest-growing companies in America as named by Inc. Magazine for the fourth year in a row in 2011. Additional information about AerialPoint is available at

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