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After Wild Success, Halo Belt Launches New and Improved Halo Belt 2.0 to Save Lives

The team behind the original and successful Halo Belt has launched a new Kickstarter campaign to fund Halo Belt 2.0, a new and improved LED illuminated safety belt built for cycling, motorcycles, jogging, hiking, skiing, child and pedestrian safety, roadside emergencies, military use and more. This new belt is not only better than the original, but it’s brighter, safer, rechargeable via micro USB and accommodates waist sizes 0 to 46.

The UN reports that over 270,000 pedestrians are killed on the roads each year, and the Halo Belt 2.0 was designed to create visibility and awareness for pedestrians across the world. Although other safety devices, like reflective jackets, have been worn for years, they only work when lights are projected directly on the reflectors. It would be nearly impossible to see someone wearing a reflective jacket in the dark, which results in accidents.

Halo Belt 2.0 is wearable technology that was designed with custom high quality 3M reflectors, as well as an illuminating LED fiber optic strip. This combination helps wearers stay visible when they may not be in direct headlight projection. With a goal of merging safety, fashion and culture into an essential everyday product, the Halo Belt team strives to design innovative products to help make the world a whole lot safer.

“Halo Belt started from the ground up, and we really owe our success to all of the backers from our past campaigns,” says Vincent Pilot Ng, Founder of Halo Belt. “We’re thrilled to offer a better and brighter Halo Belt 2.0 for less than half the price of the original Halo Belt. We believe that there should be no premium cost for safety.”

The original Halo Belt retailed at $85, but the new Halo Belt 2.0 is now available on Kickstarter to the first 500 pledgers for just $35, and then $37 once the first 500 sell out. In addition to Halo Belt 2.0, the team is offering a new reward this time around; the Halo X, two Halo Belt 2.0s clipped together, forming an “X” across the wearers back and chest for ultimate and stylish visibility.

To learn more about Halo Belt 2.0, or to back the project on Kickstarter today in exchange for a Halo Belt, visit Stay up to date with the campaign and learn more about the brand by Liking Halo Belt on Facebook and Following Halo Belt on Twitter @halobelt.


Halo Belt Company is a San Francisco based start-up funded by Kickstarter in August of 2012. Over the past two years, the company has expanded the business in safety all over the globe and is now in markets such as law enforcement, cycling, running, children safety, skiing, hiking, motorist, roadside safety, airport traffic safety, extreme sports and military. Using consumer feedback, Halo Belt has designed Halo Belt 2.0 to be a versatile tool that will provide visibility safety in all of these avenues. To learn more, visit

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