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AIM Laser Announces Side Trimmer Position Monitoring System

The Position Monitoring System offers precision noncontact position monitoring solutions. The system measures linear position of machine components without the error created by mechanical clearances and backlash. The system utilizes high-precision triangulation laser displacement Sensors. The high-speed sensors measure the distance to an engineered target fixed to the machine. This distance is used to calculate the position of the machine or component. The live displacement data is transmitted via a wired connection to the display unit processor. The data is processed to calculate machine position or other configurable position measurements.

By monitoring the precise position of the side trimmer gearboxes, slit width can be accurately calculated. Calibrating gearbox positions with the measured slit width, the system compensates for many variables such as clearances, backlash, and slit width pull-down. The Display Unit shows the expected slit width so that the gearboxes can quickly be positioned in order to maximize production and quality. Changes in position of the gearboxes are also monitored in real-time.

About American Industrial Metrology

AIM, founded in 1996 and based in Hamilton, OH, is a leading provider of laser based process alignment services, laser machine alignment, laser equipment alignment and laser measurement systems in the Central and Eastern United States and Canada. We service many different industrial fields, but specialize in metals, paper and plastics.

For more information about American Industrial Metrology or Position Monitoring Systems, please contact us at bill.wick@aimlaser.com

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