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Alignment Supplies, Inc. Announces D450 Giveaway Contest

Entries can be completed on the ASI website’s Contact Us page, at a trade show listed on our Events page, or simply by calling 800.997.4467.

This is an incredible promotion, and something we know people will really get excited about, said Paul Berberian, National Sales Manager for Alignment Supplies, Inc. Our Easy-Laser D450 is durable, easy-to-use, and affordable, too.  Of course, it will be very affordable for two lucky winners this year - just imagine receiving a brand new D450, totally free-of-charge.  That should make anyone happy!

Loaded with programs for Horizontal Machine Alignment and Softfoot Check, the Easy-Laser D450 also includes a built-in Tolerance Table, a Compensation for Thermal Growth feature, and a Measurement Value Filter, ensuring error-free measurement in any environment.  With an industry-best 2 Year Warranty, the Easy-Laser D450 has been an ASI best-seller for years, supported with EasyLink software for electronic documentation. And unlike the other guys, adds Mr. Berberian, our software has always been free.  No seat licenses or software expansions necessary.

Only one entry is allowed per person, though there is no limit on entries per company or organization.  Alignment Supplies, Inc. will be promoting this giveaway through their website, quarterly newsletter, and through their several trade shows throughout the year.  Winners will be notified by email, and announced in The ASI Blog on the Alignment Supplies, Inc. website.

Official D450 Laser Alignment Giveaway Rules & Regulations

• Only one entry per person will be eligible for the drawing; names not selected for the first drawing are still eligible for the second drawing.
• No participant is required or permitted to make any purchase or to give, pay, or risk anything of value in exchange for the opportunity to win.
• Alignment Supplies, Inc. will choose the winning participant by a random selection method chosen by Alignment Supplies, Inc. in its sole discretion. The results of such random selection are final. The merchandise to be given away will be selected by Alignment Supplies, Inc. in its sole discretion.
• The winning participant is solely responsible for any state or federal taxes assessed by reason of the product won.
• No employee, officer, principal, agent, representative or other affiliate of Alignment Supplies, Inc. or any Alignment Supplies, Inc. sponsor or employee of Damalini AB is eligible to enter or to win.
• This promotional giveaway is not valid in any state in which it is illegal, and no resident of any state in which this promotional giveaway is prohibited may enter and no such participant will be eligible to win.
• This offer is only valid in the United States. 

About Alignment Supplies:

Since 1985, Alignment Supplies, Inc. has served the rotating machinery industry with a complete line of alignment-related products for shaft and machinery alignment.  As the US Master Distributor for Easy-Laser, Alignment Supplies, Inc. has the experience, resources, and equipment to address any alignment need.  Contact us at 800.997.4467 (US only), 419.887.5890, or at

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