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Alignment Supplies, Inc. Announces New ALiSENSOR™ LEVEL VF: Versatile Fixture Package

“The new L-Shape Fixture Base comes with a Shaft / Cylinder Adapter and two Spindle Bit Attachments, making it a highly versatile fixture solution for several applications,” said Mr. Knitz.  “Rather than having multiple fixtures to buy and keep track of, the ALiSENSORTM Level VF system provides an elegant and cost-effective solution through a multi-functional fixture.”

The VF Fixture Package will be offered as an accessory available to customers who already own the ALiSENSORTM Level with the 100mm Fixture Base, and will also be available to new customers as the ALiSENSORTM Level VF system.  The ALiSENSORTM Level core system, which includes the 100mm Fixture Base, will continue to be offered as well.  “Our intention is to create more options for our customers,” said Knitz, “so that those who are looking for just the essential measurement functions or are interested in making their own custom fixtures are still able to get the ALiSENSORTM Level core system at an incredible price.  Similarly, we have an option for those customers who are looking for a ready-made fixture solution and see the value in packaging in a robust and multifaceted fixture solution that is ready to measure in several different applications.”

The L-Shape fixture has 3 landing points on both the vertical and horizontal plane, powerful magnets on both sides, and is tapped for either a 0.5” Spindle Bit or a 10mm Spindle Bit (included), for either Horizontal or Vertical spindle applications. This fixture is also ideal for squareness, straightness, and even vertical or horizontal spindle measurements.  Also included in the VF Fixture Package is the Shaft / Cylinder Adapter, which simply fits onto the vertical or horizontal plane of the L-Shape Fixture for mounting on shafts or other rounded objects in either axis.  The Spindle Bit Attachments are also included, and easily arranged for either vertical or horizontal spindle pointing direction measurements.  The complete ALiSENSORTM Level VF system, including the ALiSENSORTM Level and the VF Fixture Package, is effectively priced at only $3,590, still enabling people to own a complete geometric measurement system, with fixturing for several applications, at a fraction of the price of other measurement systems.  The VF Fixture Package can also be purchased as an accessory to owners of the core system for only $1190.

“We’ve already seen an enormous amount of interest in the ALiSENSORTM Level system, and we’ve been thrilled with what our customers are telling us: that the ALiSENSORTM Level is exactly the type of geometric measurement tool that people have been waiting for - high functionality, low-cost, and with breakthrough technological innovations that just make sense,” said Mr. Knitz.  “We anticipate that the addition of the ALiSENSORTM Level VF system will only give people more reason to get excited about the possibilities of this revolutionary new technology.”

About Alignment Supplies:
Since 1985, Alignment Supplies, Inc. has served the rotating machinery industry with a complete line of alignment-related products for shaft and machinery alignment and measurement.  Alignment Supplies, Inc. has the experience, resources, and equipment to address any alignment need.  Contact us at 800.997.4467 (US only), 419.887.5890, or at

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