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Alignment Supplies, Inc. Announces New Squareness App for ALiSENSOR LEVEL

With the Squareness App, users can quickly perform squareness measurements with an angle accuracy down to 0.001°. The perpendicularity between a horizontal and a vertical surface is measured using the ALiSENSOR Level, with a maximum measurement range of angles between 60° and 120°. The App provides 3D graphical guidance through each step of the measurement, and the angle result is displayed in the user’s unit of choice: degrees (decimal or with arcminutes and arcseconds), thou/in, in/ft, mm/m or mm/100mm.

Since the ALiSENSOR Level was developed under the Industrial MFi (Made for iPad) program, which integrates the iPad and other iOS devices into industrial-grade tools and equipment, adding new measurement program Apps is easily performed by downloading them for free from The App Store. “People have really commented on what an extraordinary value the ALiSENSOR Level is, at a price under $2,500, approximately 1/8th of the cost of comparable geometric measurement systems,” said Knitz. Not only does the Industrial MFi platform offer users the ability to work with the iPads, iPhones, and iPods that they already enjoy, but by making use of the existing iOS devices, the R&D and production costs have been radically diminished, making the product much more cost-effective than similar measurement systems.

While the included 100mm fixture base for the ALiSENSOR LEVEL can be used for squareness measurements, users can also create their own L-shape fixture for mounting the ALiSENSOR LEVEL. The L-shape fixture does not even need to be a precision 90° fixture, as the ALiSENSOR LEVEL is calibrated to the L-shape fixture in the Squareness measurement procedure, and creates its own mathematical 90° reference through the built-in calibration process of the measurement.

The Squareness App features all the same hallmarks the ALiSENSOR LEVEL has become known for, including the ability to select from a wide range of measurement units, self-calibration of the ALiSENSOR LEVEL for measurement with new or special fixtures, and even reports that are instantly created with all data from the measurement including the resulting graph. The user can also input complementary information (user, location, measurement object, etc.) about the particular setup. The ALiSENSOR LEVEL also possesses the ability to include a photo of the measurement object (taken with the built-in camera of the iOS device) directly in the report. The report file can be easily shared like other files on any iOS device - via email, mms, and even services such as Dropbox. “

The ALiSENSOR LEVEL continues to show its great value,” said Knitz, “through the addition of new Apps that increase functionality without adding any cost.” Knitz went on to say that even more free Apps are slated to be released soon, including Flatness, Plumb, and Parallel.

About Alignment Supplies: Since 1985, Alignment Supplies, Inc. has served the rotating machinery industry with a complete line of alignment-related products for shaft and machinery alignment and measurement. Alignment Supplies, Inc. has the experience, resources, and equipment to address any alignment need. Contact us at 800.997.4467 (US only), 419.887.5890, or at

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