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Altizon Launches an Industry 4.0 Experience Centre

Altizon, an Industrial Internet of things company, today announced the launch of their one of a kind Industry 4.0 experience their Pune office. The event presided by Padmashree Prataprao Pawar, Chairman, Sakal Media Group, also marked the inauguration of their new office premises in Pune.

The Industry 4.0 experience centre is powered by Altizon’s Datonis™ platform, which is the benchmark platform for Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) globally. It caters to over 100 Enterprises globally and has data from over 30 countries showing up on the platform daily.

The objective of Altizon’s Industry 4.0 experience centre is to share best practices and knowhow gained with industry and academia.The centre has 3 engagement models mapped to needs of different stakeholders in an enterprise. CxOs can get an in-depth understanding of adopting IIoT in their operations and launching new products and offerings that can transform their companies.

The centre will be leveraged as a platform for fostering innovation in the industry. Technical experts from the industry can come into this lab and experiment on all aspects from getting various industrial equipment connected, to perform large scale & complex testing of their data analytics algorithms and prototype their solutions around productivity improvement, condition based monitoring systems, predictive maintenance, machine learning.

Enterprises can also use the centre to setup skill development programs for employees and students to help them rapidly adopt IIoT.

“Industry 4.0 is today on every CXO’s agenda in the Industrial world. This Industry 4.0 experience centre is a step to help them better navigate their journey in the IoT world.“ said Vinay Nathan, CEO, Altizon.

About Altizon:
Altizon is the world’s first Industrial Internet Platform company focused on making Enterprises Internet of Things(IoT) ready. Altizon’s flagship product, the Datonis™ IoT Platform, helps enterprises build IoT products and solutions in weeks by providing device connectivity kits, a device management layer, a highly-scalable, real-time, big-data analytics engine and alerting and monitoring services. Enterprises use Datonis™ for driving Condition Monitoring, Predictive Analytics and Machine Learning solutions.

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