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American Leak Detection Employs Infrared Thermography to Detect Water Leaks

“The benefit to consumers is that we are able to see things the naked eye cannot, which eliminates the old methods of finding these types of leaks - such as cutting holes in walls, ceilings, and through floors. This of course, saves the home owner remodeling expenses.” says Will Knell, Director of Operations. “In the past, these hidden leaks often went undetected until they were very obvious, and therefore made repairs more costly”

With the recent deluge of rain in the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex, water intrusion has certainly become more of a problem. With the use of the Thermography Infrared camera, American Leak Detection Specialists are able to uncover and see moisture levels that the human eye cannot, thus, enabling the ability to trace the origin of the leak. Often the water intrusion problem is not fully exposed until a heavy downpour, which masks the severity of the problem. Left undetected, water intrusion, opens the home to the risk of mold intrusion and also higher renovation or repair costs.

American Leak Detection offers a complete Thermography home diagnosis that includes:

◦Detect water leaks and their origin - walls, flooring, roof◦Detect plumbing issues - blockages◦Detect electrical “hot spots” which can cause potential fire hazards◦Detect pest & rodent nests◦Detect moisture that cannot be physically reached with moisture meters◦Check energy efficiency - for heating & cooling loss through windows, walls and insulation
The diagnoses results are captured and the customer is provided with professional reports, providing tangible proof of our findings that can become important for repair verification and insurance purposes.

For more information about American Leak Detection or Thermography, contact Will Knell at 972-441-4902 or visit 

About American Leak Detection

American Leak Detection-DFW, Inc. the Original Leak SpecialistsTM, is a fully licensed, Texas-based company that guarantees superior-quality results at competitive prices. American Leak Detection’s highly trained technicians use non-invasive methods to perform services from cause and origin investigations to the environmentally friendly trenchless sewer pipe replacement. Selected from over 250 worldwide franchises as franchise-of-the-year in 1997, American Leak Detection was the first to offer advanced electronic leak detection and is the only company in the Dallas-Fort Worth area to provide a Home Certification program to assure homebuyers and homeowners that their homes or homes-to-be are leak-free. For more information, please visit

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