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Analysts, Inc. Launches Next-Gen LOAMS

LOAMS features a customizable home page that users can quickly and easily configure to ensure seamless management of their entire oil analysis program. The platform was designed based on the real world requirements of oil analysis end users. The ability to effectively and efficiently perform records maintenance, design sampling routes, implement bar coding, and print sample labels and reports will significantly reduce the time and cost associated with managing a testing program.

Powerful data-mining features allows users to statistically compare the performance of a single unit or grouping of equipment by make, model or lubricant brand against other units or groups within the database.  Long term performance trends are easily identified in custom reports that can be printed or exported to other software programs to meet individual preference.

Follow the link below for a video preview and more information on Next-Gen LOAMS.

Analysts, Inc. provides oil, coolant and fuel analysis to industrial, fleet, power generation and petrochemical markets. It is the nation’s largest and oldest oil analysis testing company with seven state of the art laboratories located in the United, States, Mexico and Japan.

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