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Analysts, Inc. Opens New Laboratory in China

“China is an exciting country that presents great opportunity,” said Analysts, Inc. CEO Michael Forgeron. “We look forward to embracing that opportunity through strong, mutually beneficial relationships with the companies that drive this country’s vibrant economy.”

The new 1,000 square meter testing facility provides oil analysis services to both the industrial and heavy duty equipment markets. KCA will support Chinese businesses new to the oil analysis industry as well as the company’s existing multi-national customers with operations in China. The laboratory expects to employ a staff of 45 by the end of the first year of operation.


According to Forgeron, oil analysis is an extremely effective way to manage equipment reliability and productivity in any industry – construction, mining, coal-fired and nuclear power stations and manufacturing and chemical processing plants.

“Using oil analysis, KCA customers will be able to identify trends in wear and contamination and monitor changes in the physical properties of lubricants,” Forgeron said. “This allows laboratory personnel to pinpoint problems in their earliest stages before they become major catastrophic failures.”


Laboratory data analysts can then make informed maintenance recommendations that can improve machinery reliability, reduce maintenance and repair costs and significantly extend equipment life. Customers can easily access test results and manage their oil analysis programs through LOAMS - Analysts’ cloud-based, multi-lingual Lube Oil Analysis Management System.

About Analysts, Inc.

Established in 1960, Analysts, Inc., is a full service oil analysis laboratory with seven testing facilities located throughout the United States, Mexico and Japan. The company is recognized worldwide as a leading provider of lubricant testing and analysis, diagnostic evaluations and maintenance recommendations for equipment reliability. Analysts’ services are utilized by a broad spectrum of industries, including production machinery, manufacturing equipment, power generation, marine, heavy construction, mining, trucking, transit and aircraft.

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