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Appointment of Two New Board Directors

The two new Board Directors are Dave Daines, Head of Asset Management, BHP Billiton Iron Ore and Glenn Ingram, Head of Asset Management, Newcrest Mining Ltd.

“Dave Daines and Glenn Ingram are both from the mining industry and I look forward to each bringing unique experiences, insights and energy, as well as further diversity to the wide-ranging experiences our Board Directors already provide to the Asset Management Council,” said Nicholas Phillips, Nomination Committee Chair, Asset Management Council.

“Dave is a respected leader in asset management and brings expertise in the development of asset management capability and the development of asset management competency programs. He is also the nominated representative of the CRC Mining on the Australian mirror committee for Standards Australia ISO Standards Committee PC 251.”

“Glenn is a highly regarded asset management leader and has actively contributed to numerous strategic decisions within the asset management function, in large Australian and international companies. Glenn as inaugural chairman of the Asset Management Council certification scheme committee has made considerable contribution to the recognition of the technical practice of asset management,” Nicholas continues.

“The Board of Directors is looking forward to continuing to represent, articulate and develop ways for Australian and international organisations to maximise benefit from the management of its assets.”

Retiring from the Board of Directors is Peter Kohler, Principal Analyst - Asset Sustainability, ITSR and Kieran Skelton, General Manager Operations Asia Pacific, Utility Risk Management Corporation.

Peter has represented the Asset Management Council in all areas of its development providing insight and leadership for its transition from a maintenance to an asset management focus.

Kieran’s contribution is characterised by acting on behalf of members in the development and delivery of strategic programs and services.

“On behalf of the Board of Directors, head office and members, I thank Peter and Kieran for their commitment during their board appointment. Their time, passion and expertise enabled the Asset Management Council to accomplish many achievements, including the finalisation of our 2011 - 2015 Strategic Plan,” concluded Nicholas.

The Asset Management Council is a non profit organisation, committed to the promotion and education of optimal asset management practices in industrial, commercial, academic and government organisations. The Asset Management Council offers Membership, Courses, A Body of Knowledge, Technical Papers, Presentations, Forums, Business Directory, Local Events and the annual ICOMS Asset Management Conference. For more information, visit

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