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APT Announces Release of PRO-M V9.1

Corrales, NM - Asset Performance Technologies, Inc. (APT) announced today that it has released PRO-M Version 9.1 of its maintenance and reliability optimization software. The latest version has improved the user experience in the areas of maintaining equipment records, documenting PM costs, accelerating analysis, viewing and exporting results, and database update procedures. Adding greatly to its analytical power, it can now address the efficient integration of continuous monitoring within Preventive Maintenance (PM) programs at industrial plants.

According to David Worledge PhD, Chief Scientist at APT, “Interpretation of sensor deviations in terms of degraded states of the equipment can give operators timely advice of impending failure. However, currently available products are limited by a lack of comprehensive information on equipment degraded conditions, do not explicitly integrate continuous monitoring with customer PM programs that will remain partly periodic, and provide little, if any, probabilistic interpretation of competing diagnoses. PRO-M can now provide plant personnel with much needed insight into the advantages and limitations of this new technology.”

PRO-M uses industry-recommended PM programs in the Asset Strategy Library (ASL) to provide reliability and economic analysis of alternative PM programs. APT’s ASL is industry’s largest quality compendium of degraded equipment states, their causes, time scales, and related mitigating PM actions. However, before Version 9.1, PRO-M addressed only periodic PM tasks, and was thus unable to apply its feature-rich knowledge of degraded equipment states to the new applications of continuous monitoring.

“When continuous monitoring is substituted for existing periodic PdM tasks (e.g. Vibration Monitoring), the role of the remaining periodic tasks in a PM program is likely to change significantly. Indeed, the resulting reduction in direct PM costs is claimed to be a major benefit of introducing continuous monitoring in addition to the likely improvement in reliability. With the advent of V9.1, PRO-M is now capable of estimating the reliability and cost differences between periodic and continuous monitoring and can automatically optimize the periodic aspects of the program in the presence of multiple continuously monitored tasks,” explains Dr. Worledge.

In concert with its partners, APT is immediately and aggressively pursuing the addition of sensor data to the ASL to maximize the value provided by these new capabilities. PRO-M V9.1 is accompanied by Data Release 10 of the ASL that includes 390 equipment types commonly found in asset-intensive industries.

About Asset Performance Technologies

Asset Performance Technologies, Inc. (APT) produces the revolutionary PRO-M maintenance solution that combines unique optimization software with the APT Asset Strategy Library (ASL), the world’s largest library of asset strategies for industrial equipment, to rapidly optimize any PM program. PM Template Reports from the ASL are also available at PRO-M and the ASL set the standard for PM Optimization by dynamically adjusting to changing operating conditions, plant requirements, and market economics. They can be used either as standalone solutions or to support corporate PM improvement efforts.

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