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APT Releases the Asset Strategy Library (ASL) Version 9.0

APT’s Asset Strategy Library (ASL) is currently in use in 84% of the nuclear power generation facilities in the U.S., as well as in Japan and South Korea, and was recently validated in the oil and gas and other industries. Version 9.0 comprises over 345 asset strategy templates, including:

21,000 Failure Modes (Mechanisms), ~60/template

2,000 PM Task and Interval Recommendations, ~6/template

60,000 As Found Reportable Conditions (Failure Codes), ~170/template

that address a broad range of infrastructure equipment (e.g. pumps, valves, motors, and compressors) and are universally applicable to nearly all industries.

Please visit our Press Room to read the entire release. Thank you for your continued interest in and support of APT!

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