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ASAP Systems Releases the Asset Maintenance Feature for Its Online Inventory and Asset Tracking

ASAP Systems introduces new product updates to its online inventory and tracking system BarCloud including the new and exciting asset maintenance feature for the BarCloud Web app. This increases the ability to successfully track and manage all scheduled and performed maintenance events on all assets on hand anytime, anywhere when logged into the BarCloud web app.

With the newly added asset maintenance functionality in BarCloud’s web app, users are now able to schedule and perform desired maintenance on a specific asset by determining when an asset has reached a certain milestone such as calibration deadline, mileage point, expiration date, or expired licenses. Users can also create their own milestones in regards to scheduling maintenance.


Shortly after performing maintenance on an asset, users have full visibility on when the event was performed, who performed it, and the overall cost associated with the maintenance process by utilizing BarCloud’s customized reporting. The reporting feature helps illustrate the history of previously scheduled and performed maintenance duties making it easier for auditing assets.

In addition, ASAP Systems is releasing the new “Grocery Store” scanning method capability for stock in its online inventory and asset tracking system BarCloud mobile app. The “Grocery Store” barcode scan mode feature gives the power to scan a stock item and default the item quantity to a selected number which allows you to scan each item individually without having to enter an item quantity again, just like at the grocery store. Thus, decreasing and saving time taken to receive large amounts of stock inventory without having to choose the quantity every time you scan.

“BarCloud’s new robust asset maintenance feature provides our customers with advanced elements to asset management and tracking online. Users are given the opportunity to choose and delegate when to schedule and perform maintenance on an asset based on predefined or use definite milestones,” said Elie Touma, CEO and President at ASAP Systems.

With the new advanced product updates, BarCloud continues to provide businesses the proficiency to manage inventory and track assets online quickly and easily using barcodes. With the BarCloud mobile app on smartphones and tablets, businesses will always know how and where assets and inventory are received, stored, used and disposed of at a specific location and in the field.

ASAP Systems’ BarCloud also allows customers to choose specific features that fulfill their business practices such as asset check out-in and the ability to track stock inventory lot numbers and date codes. With BarCloud, companies are able to utilize the option of renaming data fields, customize reports, set up a role-based user access, and gain business intelligence with built-in analytic charts.

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