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Ashcom Technologies Launches MaintiMizer BlackBox™: Computerized Maintenance Management To Go

Don’t let it’s small size fool you, MaintiMizer BlackBoxTM takes up less space on your desk than a standard lunch box, but packs a powerful punch that is sure to get your maintenance costs under control, while improving quality, and increasing productivity. MaintiMizer BlackBoxTM gives you options so no matter your situation, it will work for you. Choose to connect the self-contained unit to your network and/or to the internet via hard-wired Ethernet cable or wirelessly. The simplicity of the system eliminates the need to have an IT specialist on site, and if you need help, Ashcom’s technical support specialists are there for you! Implementing such a comprehensive solution has never been easier! MaintiMizer BlackBoxTM comes with MaintiMizerTM, Microsoft SQL Express, Web server preinstalled and pre-configured and features a redundant hard drive and built-in backup to a USB memory stick.

Timothy Good, president of Ashcom, explains the idea behind MaintiMizer BlackBoxTM; “We’ve spoken to many small and mid-sized organizations that have told us they’d like to use MaintiMizerTM, but that they simply don’t have the staff available to install, configure, and maintain the system. MaintiMizer BlackBoxTM eliminates that hurdle-anyone, no matter what their level of computer experience, can simply plug in this self-contained appliance and be off and running in minutes. And because we’ve built remote access into the system, our staff of maintenance management experts will handle all updates and any necessary troubleshooting. We’ve designed MaintiMizer BlackBoxTM to be accessible and affordable ‘computerized maintenance management to go’ for companies of all sizes.”

MaintiMizer BlackBoxTM has all the functionality of the MaintiMizerTM Web-based CMMS, including work order, preventive maintenance/equipment, inventory, vendor/purchase order, timecard, and utility modules. Each module opens to a “dashboard” screen, allowing users to see critical information at a glance. All MaintiMizerTM systems are designed to be easy to learn and easy to use, even for people with little or no computer experience.

Good concludes, “Every company, no matter what its size, needs to proactively manage its operations to save money and improve productivity, particularly in this economy. With MaintiMizer BlackBoxTM, any organization can enjoy the bottom-line benefits that come from using a CMMS.”

About Ashcom Technologies, Inc.

Since 1985, Ashcom Technologies, Inc., has been an industry leader in the development and installation of state-of-the-art systems and technology designed to help organizations save money, increase quality, and improve the bottom line. MaintiMizerTM, Ashcom’s flagship computerized maintenance management system (CMMS), is the choice of more than 3,000 customers in a variety of industries worldwide. For additional information, please contact or call toll-free (800) 366-0793 (outside the U.S., call +1-734-665-1780).

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