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Asset and Spare Parts Management: Getting it Right

Industry columnist and CMMS producer Paul Lachance will devote a session to spare parts management, the pitfalls and best practices, when he speaks to attendees at the 28th annual International Maintenance Conference. The three-day conference takes place at the Hyatt Regency Coconut Point in Bonita Springs, FL, starting December 10.

Lachance is founder and chief technology officer of Smartware Group,  Inc., provider of the award-winning, cloud-based Bigfoot CMMS. During his presentation entitled, “Managing Spare Parts Inventory for Success,”  Lachance will walk attendees through common maintenance mistakes and best practices for improved asset and spare parts management. He’ll recount the lessons learned from Bigfoot CMMS customers like Hearthside Food Solutions, formerly Ryt-Way Industries.

Hearthside faced a spare parts conundrum with emergency parts scattered throughout 15 to 20 stock rooms and cabinets at its food packaging plant. After installing Bigfoot CMMS, Hearthside’s maintenance planner uncovered nearly $1 million in duplicate spare parts. Bigfoot helped Hearthside centralize parts down to two locations. The solution was configured to monitor parts usage, ensure proper stocking levels,  and even prevent theft, saving Hearthside thousands of dollars in unnecessary orders.

“Using CMMS to organize replacement parts is as fundamental to asset management as organizing PMs and work orders,” Lachance said. “Attendees will be able to apply lessons learned from their peers on using CMMS to gain control of their spare parts inventories and incorporate some new practices into their daily maintenance operations.”

Using Hearthside and other organizations as examples, Lachance will guide attendees in building more efficient and effective maintenance operations overall. His talk will take place on December 11, from 3:30 p.m. to 4:15 p.m., in the Estero B, Work Execution Management, Learning Zone track. Smartware Group will also showcase its CMMS solution at Booth TT-E on the exhibit floor, starting Wednesday evening at 5:30 p.m.  For further information about the International Maintenance Conference,  visit

About Smartware Group, Inc.

Smartware Group, Inc., headquartered in Center Harbor, N.H., produces Bigfoot CMMS for a variety of industries, from manufacturing to hospitality and tourism.

Since 2002, Bigfoot has helped more than 10,000 users worldwide improve facility and equipment maintenance operations with advanced capabilities that include preventive maintenance (PMs) and predictive maintenance, work order scheduling, maintenance requests, asset life cycle management, parts replacement inventory, and built-in reporting.  Bigfoot CMMS’ native functionality paired with its intuitive design allows maintenance professionals to implement the solution and get results quickly, often in a matter of weeks.

Visit for a free trial of Bigfoot CMMS today.

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