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Author Dave Logan Discusses Leadership at Maintenance Reliability Conference

Author Dave Logan gave the keynote address and taught a short course focusing on leadership and improving team performance during the Reliability 2.0 conference April 9 in Las Vegas.

Logan, co-author of Tribal Leadership and Three Laws of Performance, said an organization is composed of tribes-naturally occurring groups of 20 to 150 people. Only a few leaders, however, could identify and develop their tribes, and those rare individuals were rewarded with loyalty, productivity, and industry-changing innovation.

At the conference, Logan taught maintenance reliability leaders how to assess, identify, and upgrade their organizations, one stage at a time. He helped leaders understand how to determine what motivates their teams. The result is an organization that can thrive in any economy.

“This session is really great to learn how to ask people open-ended questions to get down to what are the core values that drive what they do,” said Winston Ledet, conference attendee and co-author of Don’t Just Fix It, Improve It!

Logan draws upon the ideas and research of his two international best-selling books. Tribal Leadership reports on an 8½ year study involving more than 24,000 people. The Three Laws of Performance is generally considered the definitive book on organizational transformation, edited by leadership expert Warren Bennis. Put together, the two books show the five types of tribes and how each can be transformed.

“Dave Logan gave Reliability 2.0 attendees tools that they can use to rewrite a better future for their families, their communities and their workplace,” reported Terrence O’Hanlon, CEO of and publisher of Uptime Magazine. “Tribal Leadership recognizes how important culture is for the journey to greatness.”

The Reliability 2.0 Conference, conducted at the Southpoint Casino and Hotel, started April 8 and ends April 12. It attracted about 500 maintenance reliability professionals from more than 15 countries.

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