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Azima DLI and Air Liquide Renew Predictive Maintenance Agreement

Azima DLI’s WATCHMAN Reliability PortalTM provides critical machinery condition information preventing unplanned downtime or machinery damage. Furthermore, Azima DLI’s cloud-based portal provides comprehensive operations and makes machinery health information readily accessible to all corporate stakeholders - from plant managers to the executive suite - so operations can be viewed, managed and assessed easily.

“Our business need was creating a uniform methodology for ensuring that our operations met our customers’ expectations for reliability, safety and uptime,” said Russell Johnson, vice president of operations support for Air Liquide Large Industries. “We want our plants to operate within a standard framework so that data from any one facility can be viewed and analyzed quickly by employees with an Internet connection.”

Azima DLI’s web-based WATCHMAN Reliability Portal provides view-level access to Air Liquide’s machine condition analysis program database. The maintenance staff uploads program statistics, machine-detailed analysis and health history information, either remotely or through any Internet-enabled device, and Azima DLI’s experienced vibration experts analyze the data to ensure machines run optimally across all its sites.

In addition to world-class vibration analysis, Azima DLI provides Air Liquide with advanced reporting that reflects valuable ROI and Composite Risk Index (CRI) information. Maintenance professionals often struggle to provide substantive, quantifiable data that showcases the value of their work. Azima DLI’s reporting capabilities highlight cost savings and risk reduction- in terms of increased productivity and reduced downtime and overall equipment health improvement - so executive management understands the impact of the program on the company’s long term operational goals.

“Air Liquide is a visionary company in many ways, and especially in their innovative use of advanced PdM technologies and processes,” said Azima DLI CEO Burt Hurlock. “We are grateful for the opportunity to continue our work with Air Liquide, and to continue our collaboration in the development of ground-breaking performance metrics that serve the needs of both production operations and executive management. Pushing the efficiency frontier in production operations has become an industry-wide challenge. Azima DLI is dedicated to helping Air Liquide, and others, implement state-of-the-art predictive technologies that eliminate unplanned capital expenditure, and minimize unplanned down-time and maintenance spending.”

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