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Azima DLI Announces the TRIO CX-7 for Next-Generation Data Collection

WOBURN, Mass.—(BUSINESS WIRE)—Azima DLI, the leader and premier provider of predictive maintenance (PdM) analytical services and products, today announced availability of its TRIOTM CX-7. The first of a new generation of vibration data collectors and machine condition analyzers from Azima DLI, CX-7 far exceeds competitive offerings in terms of ergonomics, computing power and total cost of ownership. With the ability to completely transform current PdM programs, its durable design and wireless capabilities provide greater efficiency and safety, especially in plants with large rotating equipment.

TRIO is a powerful computerized system in a mobile industrial package that sets aside the traditional data collection model to focus on productivity while elevating the overall success of PdM programs. Designed and engineered specifically for a new generation of data collection, the CX-7 features:

  • Wireless, Voice-Activated Data Collection: For improved safety and maneuverability, the CX-7 comes with a variety of comfortable carry options while supporting hands-free, Bluetooth®-enabled, wireless data acquisition from up to 30 feet away.
  • Voice Command Data Acquisition: Allows the operator the option to operate the data collector without physical interaction with the unit. This is particularly beneficial when climbing or working in unsafe locations.
  • Advanced Computing Power: The embedded, award-winning automated Azima DLI ExpertALERTTM diagnostics software and Windows® 7 Ultimate operating system combine to provide the most capable data collector on the market. Low total cost of ownership is based on component replacement costs, downloadable software upgrades and little-to-no need for new data acquisition hardware investments.
  • Greater Portability and Ease of Use: A lightweight, ergonomic, modular design enables greater portability and decreases the physical demands of data collection, thanks to the various carrying options offered by Azima DLI.

“Our new TRIO line is the culmination of decades of experience and development aimed at dramatically improving the way data collection and analysis is done. Simply put, it demonstrates that there is a better, safer way to implement machine condition monitoring,” said Randy Johnson, vice president of sales and marketing, Azima DLI. “Traditional, purpose-built data collectors have distinct limitations and just can’t adapt to today’s increasing PdM requirements and rapidly evolving computing environments. TRIO has the power to bridge efficiency and productivity gaps in current programs and equipment, while ushering a new era of PdM.”

With a solid-state hard drive, bright sunlight-readable touch screen and Wi-Fi access, the CX-7 can automatically connect with desktop or networked PCs and servers. Users can install their own PdM and office productivity applications, enabling them to carry out multiple functions including performing other PdM surveys, updating spreadsheets and synchronizing database changes to share in real time with key stakeholders from a single device. The CX-7 is the only data collector of its kind to include a digital camera, allowing the operator to take a video or still photos during routine machine inspections and either include them within the diagnostics report or send to remote analysts.

Additionally, the CX-7 is embedded with Azima DLI’s ExpertALERT proven automated machine diagnostic technology that has been deployed in commercial industry and the military for decades. It is capable of fully analyzing a machine in mere seconds, comparing readings to historical data and enabling users to get accurate diagnoses on the plant floor in near real time.

For more information, visit to view product videos, download the brochure and learn additional details about getting started with modernizing current PdM programs today.

About Azima DLI

Azima DLI is the leader and premier provider of predictive maintenance analytical services and products that align with customers’ high standards for reliability, availability and uptime. Azima DLI’s WATCHMANTM Reliability Services utilize flexible deployment models, proven diagnostic software and unmatched analytical expertise to deliver sustainable, scalable and cost-effective condition-based maintenance programs. The company’s offerings enable customers to implement comprehensive, predictive maintenance programs that ensure asset availability and maximize productivity. Azima DLI is headquartered in Woburn, Massachusetts with offices across the U.S. and international representation in Asia-Pacific, Central America, Europe and South America. For more information, call +1 (800) 482-2290 or visit

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