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Azima DLI Ensures Reliability of Panama Canal Locks Using Advanced Vibration Monitoring Capabilities

“In the case of the Panama Canal, although MPGs are redundant in the lock machinery, failure avoidance is of utmost importance. If the MPG redundancy fails, the lock doors don’t open, causing delays with Canal traffic”

The Panama Canal is in constant operation, so uptime of critical equipment, such as the motors and hydraulic pumps used to ensure the locks operate as they are supposed to, is vitally important to the commercial and private vessels that rely on the Canal every day. Of the three locks, Miraflores was the first to select, through a public bid (provided through Azima DLI’s Central American distributor Termogram), the Azima DLI DCX, a rugged, four channel vibration data collector and real-time analyzer. Miraflores Locks’ maintenance unit will use the Azima DLI vibration data collectors after training is complete. Termogram can provide the onsite training and support.

The Panama Canal locks have long been recognized as significant engineering accomplishments. All lock chambers have the same 110 by 1,000 feet dimensions, and they are built in pairs. That means two lanes of chambers run side-by-side to accommodate two lanes of traffic, either in opposite directions at the same time or in the same direction, depending on transit needs. To make sure the locks are performing as needed, the ACP’s Miraflores Locks’ maintenance unit will collect all its own data using the DCX to take vibration measurements on Miraflores’ 200 motor pump groups (MPGs), which include gates, valves, locomotives and other motors throughout the plant.

“Our maintenance program includes thermography, remote visual inspection, oil analysis and vibration, which is an important component of measurement,” said Miraflores Locks’ Maintenance Manager Carlos Patterson.

The Windows-compatible Azima DLI DCX allows vibration analysts to record, collect and analyze vibration information directly from a military-grade Tablet PC that features embedded ExpertALERT vibration analysis software. Azima DLI’s ExpertAlert software allows analysts to have all their machinery history, analysis tools and automated diagnostic results at the point of data collection, supporting timely maintenance and repair decisions.

“In the case of the Panama Canal, although MPGs are redundant in the lock machinery, failure avoidance is of utmost importance. If the MPG redundancy fails, the lock doors don’t open, causing delays with Canal traffic,” said Azima DLI’s Director of International Sales Ron Sullivan. “Due to the critical nature of its operations, the Panama Canal Authority is a leader in developing effective machine condition monitoring programs, maximizing the use of critical software to ensure its equipment is in peak condition. We are proud that Azima DLI’s DCX data collector and ExpertAlert diagnostic software will become important components of the maintenance team’s overall program.”

About Azima DLI

Azima DLI is the leader and premier provider of predictive machine condition monitoring and analysis services that align with customers’ high standards for reliability, availability and uptime. Azima DLI’s WATCHMAN Reliability Services utilize flexible deployment models, proven diagnostic software and unmatched analytical expertise to deliver sustainable, scalable and cost-effective condition-based maintenance programs. The company’s bundled solutions enable customers to choose comprehensive, proven programs that ensure asset availability and maximize productivity. Azima DLI is headquartered in Woburn, Massachusetts with offices across the U.S. and international representation in Asia-Pacific, Central America, Europe and South America. For more information, call +1 (800) 482-2290 or visit

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