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Balancing Collar Solves Shaft Vibration Problems

Stafford TrueBalanceTM Shaft Collars feature two-piece construction and are supplied with five self-locking balancing set screws. Providing a simple solution for out-of-balance vibrating shafts, a user clamps the collar onto the shaft and adds set screws to offset the weight imbalance until satisfactory balance and smooth operation is achieved.

Allowing the offset of out-of-balance vibrating shafts without requiring system disassembly, Stafford TrueBalanceTM Shaft Collars can be adjusted from 0.024 to 0.170 oz.-in. standard balancing collars are offered in 3/4” to 6” I.D. sizes and can be supplied as specials up to 12” I.D. offered as a special.

Stafford TrueBalanceTM Shaft Collars are priced from $ 19.80 (list), depending upon size and quantity. Machined from steel, Stainless steel is Pricing is provided upon request.For more information contact:

Stafford Shaft Balancing
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