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Bentley Adds Process Safety and Risk Management Capabilities to AssetWise APM

ORLANDO, Fla., U.S.A. - 19th Annual ARC Industry Forum - Bentley Systems, Incorporated, the leading company dedicated to providing comprehensive software solutions for sustaining infrastructure, today announced the immediate availability of AssetWise APM V7.3. This enhanced version of Bentley’s asset performance management (APM) offering - an all-in-one analysis and information management software platform for asset reliability and asset integrity - now also advances process safety.

Alan Kiraly, Bentley senior vice president, server products, said, “Our AssetWise APM V7.3 meets the demanding requirements of reliability, integrity, safety, and maintenance managers and engineers in industries ranging from oil and gas, petrochemical, and mining and metals to power generation and other utilities. The software ensures assets are safe and reliable and that they are inspected and maintained to reduce or eliminate risk. Users further benefit from the elimination of unexpected downtime, increased asset availability and utilization, reduced maintenance costs, and support for regulations and safety standards, including ISA 84, IEC 61511, IEC 61508, and IEC 61882.”

AssetWise APM V7.3’s new process safety features help users manage the integrity of safety systems and hazardous processes, thereby preventing failures and catastrophic incidents and keeping people, assets, and the environment safer. Capabilities include safety instrumented function (SIF) analysis, safety instrumented systems (SIS), safety integrity level (SIL) and safety provisions, overrides, and incidents. AssetWise APM V7.3 also provides version control and approval, the analysis of loss of containment scenarios, and the identification and assessment of risks at the system level, as well as for related assets (risk matrix).

Other features of AssetWise APM V7.3 include the following:

Spatial navigation - Maintenance, reliability, or integrity engineers can quickly identify assets in early warning alarm and/or work that needs attention by asset type or type of problem in a particular geographic area. Flashing alarms and asset health scores displayed on the map provide at-a-glance notification of the severity of the asset problems. Actions can be taken directly from the map, including viewing the asset’s i-model to understand the design basis and compare against the current condition.
Production loss accounting - Users can quickly get started improving assets having a significant impact on production and maintenance costs. In addition, reliability leaders can easily identify “bad actor” assets, prioritizing asset improvement projects and reducing risk.
Atmospheric storage tank (AST) analysis - Risk-based inspections have been extended to include support for AST analysis. Probability and consequence severity evaluations, confidence evaluations, remnant life, and next inspection date now support AST.
Root cause analysis (RCA) diagrams - Expanded RCA capabilities include diagrams that aid in assessing root cause and accurately identifying and correcting the root causes of specific asset failures, as opposed to simply addressing their symptoms.
With AssetWise APM V7.3, users can also:

  • benefit from its ability to leverage i-models (for the conveyance of AECO deliverables) to allow for immersive APM, visually guiding inspection and maintenance activities; this extends the value of mobile devices to operations by making it possible to bring the virtual model to the field and align it with the physical plant - enabling observed conditions of an asset’s performance to be analyzed and guidance provided as to best courses of action for peak performance and safety;
  • develop risk-based reliability-centered strategies to define the proactive maintenance work and modifications required to optimize performance; the resulting program generates actionable, data-driven insights on asset performance and reliability;
  • monitor asset condition and performance using tablet/mobile devices, and collect asset condition data from automated sources based on time and rules criteria;
  • consolidate and analyze condition data from all sources of inspections and real-time monitoring devices with a centralized asset health dashboard; and
  • access design and engineering information models when inspecting or performing corrective work on assets.

For additional information about AssetWise APM V7.3, visit Bentley Communities

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