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Bentley Systems Announces 2013 Scott Lofgren Student Design Awards

Bentley also named Dr. Francelina Neto of California State Polytechnic University Pomona as Bentley Educator of the Year. The Scott Lofgren Student Design Awards recognize projects that were created, using Bentley software, by university, college, technical, and high school students around the world, and acknowledges the achievements of the students’ educators. The competition fosters interest and growth in the architectural, engineering, construction (AEC), geospatial, and operations professions by encouraging students to explore and apply the software they’ll need as future members of the infrastructure community. The Bentley Educator of the Year award recognizes a member of the academic community who has an outstanding record of achievement and is committed to inspiring students to pursue careers in the infrastructure professions.

Bentley Systems CEO Greg Bentley said, “Bentley colleagues will remember Scott Lofgren, who passed away on May 24, 2013, for his infectious zeal and many accomplishments in sustaining the infrastructure professions by ensuring graduates are prepared for careers in architecture and engineering - or, as he liked to put it, ‘are job ready.’ His role was very important to our company, and the academic programs he nurtured continue to benefit not only Bentley, but also the many AECO firms that rely upon them to meet their growing demand for new talent. Of course, his work and legacy will also long benefit students around the world in discovering the rewards of engineering careers, including the ability to contribute to a better quality of life for all through the infrastructure professions. Moreover, Scott’s integrity and skills as a leader, honed through his education at West Point and rise to lieutenant colonel in the U.S. Army, provide all of us at Bentley Systems with an inspiring example of leadership at its finest.”

The winning projects in this year’s competition are:

  • Eveleigh Cinémathèque, Marguerite Farmakis, University of Sydney, Sydney, Australia, in the “Innovation in Architectural Design” category;
  • IIT Madras Design for Haji Ali Junction, Aakanksha Jadhav, Siddhesh Godbole, and Dinesh S Soundappa, Indian Institute of Technology, Chennai, India, in the “Innovation in Road or Bridge Design” category;
  • Onehunga Primary School Entranceway, Melanie Pau, Yusef Patel, and Stefan Panovski, University of Auckland, Auckland, New Zealand, in the “Innovation in Engineering Design - Structural, Mining, or Hydraulic” category;
  • Church in Trinidad Bay, Mateusz Ilba, AGH University of Science and Technology, Krakow, Poland, in the “Innovation in Rendering using MicroStation” category;
  • Union Station, Washington D.C., Francis Jacaban, Eastern Technical High School, Baltimore, Md., U.S.A., in the “Design a Retail Center” category.

The winning students and projects in the 2013 Scott Lofgren Student Design Awards competition will be recognized at their respective schools. Additionally, winners will each receive a scholarship and their respective schools will each receive a handcrafted award and a 10-seat Academic SELECT subscription - including more than 50 products and OnDemand training - through the Be Careers Network.

George Church, senior vice president, Bentley LEARNservices, said, “The Scott Lofgren Student Design Awards competition gives students an opportunity to demonstrate to the infrastructure community their ability to apply what they have learned in the classroom. Given the outstanding quality of the submissions this year, it goes without saying that many of these students will one day be the architects or design engineers who will create tomorrow’s sustainable infrastructure that improves quality of life for communities everywhere and inspires us all.”

He continued, “Fostering this talent are the many dedicated and gifted teachers who share their knowledge and expertise with students, and regularly challenge their capabilities to help them achieve their full potential. We recognize today just such an educator - Dr. Francelina Neto, department chair of Civil Engineering, California State Polytechnic University Pomona, and recipient of the 2013 Bentley Educator of the Year award.

“Dr. Neto holds a doctorate in photogrammetry and a master of science in remote sensing from the University of London. She has been an innovative educator for more than 25 years, who can count among her many innovative initiatives the introduction of spatial analysis and 3D modeling into the curriculum in preparatory and advanced courses at Cal Poly Pomona.

“As a dedicated mentor, Dr. Neto’s priority is to extend the educational experience she provides beyond university classrooms to help motivate young people of all ages to achieve their best. She mentors students at the junior college level, providing them the knowledge and motivation they need to become prospective engineering students. She also actively engages in elementary school programs in economically challenged areas, introducing younger students to engineering and showing them, as well as their parents, that a career in the infrastructure professions is within their reach and an excellent career choice.

“On behalf of my Bentley colleagues, I thank Dr. Neto for her commitment to and achievements in advancing educational development among students of all ages on an exemplary scale.”

Dr. Neto said, “It is an honor to receive this prestigious award from Bentley Systems. Like Bentley, I am a firm believer in the value of lifelong learning, and am committed to motivating student development from the early years on. I’m still thrilled by each and every success in empowering students to take advantage of educational opportunities that open doors for them to rewarding careers. I am proud of my overachieving students, but even more proud of the ones who get off on the wrong foot, but work hard and eventually take their place within the community of engineering professionals. I derive great satisfaction in being engaged with students eager to learn and apply their knowledge to problem solving for the benefit of society. It is a pleasure and privilege to contribute toward that goal.”

The Bentley Educator of the Year award will be presented to Dr. Neto at The Year in Infrastructure 2013 Conference, being held Oct. 28-31 at the Hilton London Metropole in London, U.K.

For additional information about the 2013 Scott Lofgren Student Design Awards winners and the 2013 Bentley Educator of the Year, visit

About Bentley LEARNservices

Learning is a lifelong activity; ongoing training is the key to maximizing the value organizations derive from their investment in Bentley software and to helping professionals maintain their accreditations and advance their careers. Bentley LEARNservices is a new organization that builds upon existing Bentley Institute, Bentley Institute Press, and Be Careers Network offerings to deliver continuous learning opportunities.

About The Year in Infrastructure 2013 Conference

The Year in Infrastructure 2013 Conference, being held Oct. 28-31 at the Hilton London Metropole, in London, U.K., is a global gathering of leading executives in the world of infrastructure design, construction, and operations. It will feature a series of presentations and interactive workshops exploring the intersection of technology and business drivers and how they are shaping the future of infrastructure delivery and investment returns. The conference will include the presentation of the Be Inspired Awards as well as tracks focused on building design and construction, rail and transit, energy and power delivery, best practices related to engineering, procurement and construction firms, and infrastructure asset lifecycle management for owner-operators.

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