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Berg Engineering Brings GNR Spectrometers To The US

CHICAGO, IL -- November, 17 2016 

Chicago-area NDT supplier Berg Engineering has launched an exclusive distribution partnership with GNR Analytical Instruments Group, an Italian manufacturer of spectrometers for elemental analysis. Berg Engineering will bring full sales, service, and support of GNR’s NDT spectrometry line to the US market for the first time.

The GNR line consists of 7 optical emission spectrometers, each optimized for ease of use across several industries. With very little initial training, entry-level workers and experts alike can use GNR spectrometers to perform accurate, repeatable, high-resolution analysis.

GNR uses both charge-coupled devices (CCDs) and photomultiplier tubes in its spectrometry line. CCDs offer the latest in digital efficiency, while photomultipliers offer unprecedented resolution. Some units, such as the S9 Atlantis, include both technologies.

The customer can easily perform routine maintenance and service on GNR spectrometers. Since most maintenance can be performed in-house, continuing cost of ownership remains low.

GNR solutions are ideal for manufacturing, distribution, research, and mobile field testing. Several models, such as the S7 Metal Lab Plus, test every common type of industrial alloy. Other models, such as the S1 MiniLab 150, offer ferrous, copper, and aluminum alloy spectrometry in a compact format.

Berg Engineering& Sales Company, Inc. has served the NDT (nondestructive testing) industry with sales and service for over 40 years. The service department at Berg Engineering offers customer support, while training staff provides comprehensive education. The company maintains strong distribution relationships with every major NDT manufacturer.

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