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Bermuda Electric Light Company Selects Queensland-based Oniqua for MRO Optimization

Brisbane, Australia - Oniqua Enterprise Analytics, the leading provider of MRO (maintenance, repair and operations) analytics software solutions for asset-intensive organizations, today announced that Bermuda Electric Light Company Limited (BELCO) has selected Oniqua Analytics Solution (OAS) to optimize its inventory levels, increase operational efficiency and ensure reliable delivery of electric service to the residents and businesses of Bermuda.

“BELCO’s mission is to provide a secure, reliable and sustainable electric power system for the people of Bermuda,” stated Abayomi Carmichael, Assistant Vice President System Reliability, BELCO. “Over the past several years, our inventory levels were steadily growing, driven largely by long lead times that forced us to maintain a high quantity of safety stock. We also needed greater standardization across our parts catalog. After a successful proof of concept, Oniqua clearly demonstrated how OAS could deliver significant improvements in all these critical areas.”

BELCO is Bermuda’s sole supplier of electricity, operating a generating plant and transmission and distribution system. The company currently produces over 738 million kilowatt hours with 13 diesel engines and 7 gas turbines, and plans to increase capacity over the next 20 years as demand grows. BELCO maintains over 35,600 metered connections and 34 substations.

OAS will help ensure the right MRO materials are available when needed to perform planned and corrective maintenance for BELCO’s power supply team.

“Our analysis indicated that by maintaining its current material management processes without taking any corrective actions, BELCO would continue to increase inventory value and costs without making any positive service level impact on the critical spares necessary for the maintenance operation,” stated Lindsay Clarke, President of Oniqua Americas. “OAS, supported by Oniqua professional services, will help BELCO eliminate unnecessary inventory; improve and maintain the data integrity of its parts catalog; generate accurate, business-critical reporting; and rapidly develop critical inventory analyst expertise.”

OAS is an advanced and comprehensive analytics solution for inbound MRO optimization. OAS provides the unique capability to perform end-to-end analyses of MRO inventory, maintenance and procurement activities, and then transform raw data into actionable information for smarter decision making. Comprehensive reporting capabilities provide visibility to operations and supply chain executives while key performance indicators help operations personnel accurately measure and optimize asset performance. Plant managers can align their resources with a shared understanding of business imperatives as business conditions change, while knowledge workers and practitioners can make precise measurements and integrate detailed business activities in a value-driven context.

In a recent research report entitled, Utilities Improve Financial Performance for MRO Inventory, Maintenance, and Procurement: Ralph Rio, Research Director Enterprise Software, ARC Advisory Group, stated, “With a utility’s sizable and widely distributed MRO inventory, the investment in OAS can provide significant returns… OAS provides utilities with a comprehensive solution for optimizing MRO inventory, maintenance and procurement activities. It uses analytical tools to determine what materials are needed, when they should be ordered, how much stock to maintain, and what suppliers to use. This provides an opportunity to improve asset availability and materials costs… and improve the P&L statement and balance sheet.”

About Oniqua Enterprise Analytics
With operations in the Americas, Africa and Asia-Pacific regions, Oniqua is the world’s leading MRO (Maintenance, Repair and Operations) analytics software company. Oniqua helps organizations maximize profits, savings and efficiencies by minimizing MRO waste, and delivers a positive return on investment in as little as three to six months. Oniqua Analytics Solution (OAS) leverages customers’ transactional data by applying advanced analytics to identify inefficiencies and ensure that their maintenance, inventory and procurement operations run as efficiently as possible. Oniqua is proud to serve the world’s leading companies in the oil and gas, mining, utilities and transportation industries, including ConocoPhillips, BP, Hawaiian Electric, Orange County Transportation Authority, Vale, Rio Tinto, Anglo Coal, BHP Billiton, Newmont Mining, Alcoa, Xstrata, Drummond Company and Freeport McMoRan. www.oniqua.com

BELCO is Bermuda’s sole supplier of electricity, operating a 165 megawatt generating plant and transmission and distribution system to serve over 36,000 customers. Bermuda’s energy requirement includes supporting the Island’s tourism and international business sectors. Bermuda is a domicile for a range of international businesses, including those in the insurance, re-insurance, finance, aviation and transportation industries. BELCO’s mission is to provide a secure, reliable and sustainable electric power system for the people of Bermuda. Visit www.belco.bm for more information.

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