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Best Practices Maintenance Analytics from AssetPoint Rapidly Attracting Customers

With TabWare Analytics, organizations have real time, anywhere-access to more relevant and comprehensive data, enabling them to employ “manage by exception” principals. Interactive dashboards include intuitive point-and-click controls like filter lists, range sliders, and data brushing which allow for deep data exploration and thorough ad hoc reporting and analysis, making it easy-to-use from end user to power user. All data stored in TabWare solution is accessible for use in the creation and distribution of user configurable, customer specific dashboards, KPI’s and metrics that meet their specific asset management business objectives. Leveraging the robust, easy-to-use Analytics platform, data visualizations provide the ability to manage KPIs, spot trends, perform multi-dimensional and what-if analysis, and can easily be merged with other relevant enterprise data

To help customers manage their business processes and evolve toward best-in-class maintenance organizations, the web-based TabWare Analytics is accessible on any smartphone, tablet or computer, and it enables business users to easily view and manage their maintenance data anywhere and anytime. The easy-to-use, self-service environment increases user access, creating improved participation, awareness and responsiveness to business objectives. In combination with other AssetPoint solutions such as Work Order and Requisition Approval, also accessible from any Smartphone or tablet, TabWare keeps managers and key business user up to date and avoiding costly delays due to lack of visibility.

AssetPoint Vice President of Solutions Management, Jay Ratliff said, “In today’s competitive market space, it’s crucial for key business owners and decision makers to be able to respond quickly and effectively to their business environment. TabWare Analytics provides an organization’s management immediate access to data through easy to understand visualizations, leading to increased speed to achievement of strategic business objectives. This flexible decision support capability drives effective and timely control of tactical processes, strategic planning objectives, and continuous improvement initiatives. Our goal is to help customers make better decisions through the use of data mining and predictive analytics on crucial details of enterprise data. TabWare Analytics is a leading-edge solution supporting a customer’s evolution towards maintenance excellence.”

AssetPoint President and CEO, Mike Levine said, “AssetPoint is committed to customer satisfaction and TabWare’s on-going solution development, which is why our customers are rapidly expanding their use of TabWare within their organizations. Increase of year over year sales growth has reinforced AssetPoint’s position as the leading provider of Best-in-Class CMMS/EAM solutions. With TabWare’s embedded Analytics, organizations will achieve greater efficiency and visibility of their business goals.”

AssetPoint ( has been a leader in CMMS/EAM solutions for over 30 years, and its TabWare CMMS/EAM solution is designed by maintenance professionals for maintenance professionals. AssetPoint offers flexible deployment options, including a Cloud computing solution (SaaS) or on-site solution for companies who want TabWare on their own servers. TabWare is the leading CMMS/EAM solution for companies who want full functionality without the expense, resources and time other solutions demand. TabWare is proven to maximize asset performance, resulting in reduced operating costs and higher profit margins. TabWare customers represent several industries including: Oil and Gas, Mining & Metals, Manufacturing, Food & Beverage, and Water & Wastewater.

About AssetPoint:

AssetPoint, makers of TabWare, is the leading provider of CMMS solutions for companies whose success depends on the performance of their assets. For over 30 years, AssetPoint has led the market in helping customers control their maintenance costs, optimize spare parts inventory, streamline procurement and improve management, command and control.

Designed by maintenance professionals for maintenance professionals, TabWare is easy to learn, easy to use and proven over time to be the most effective product in the market. That’s why tens of thousands of users trust their critical assets to TabWare each and every day. To view online demos and case studies, visit

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