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Blue Mountain Regulatory Asset Manager Supports Mobile Devices

“We are extremely excited to provide access to our software through mobile devices. This is a key driver toward the paperless environment so many Life Sciences companies are striving for,” said Jim Erickson, president of Blue Mountain Quality Resources. “In fact, iPad browser support is one of the most requested features from our customer base.”

Blue Mountain RAM’s mobile capability is powerful and easy to get up and running. Life Sciences’ organizations will immediately see the benefits of a paperless system such as improved compliance and increased productivity. Maintenance technicians can take a tablet directly onto the shop floor, review work instructions, perform their work and enter data into the mobile device. In the same way, calibration technicians can record measurement data, review schedules and electronically sign off on work.

Blue Mountain RAM R3 SR3 also includes a new feature that gives System Administrators visibility into software license usage, which enables follow-up data analysis.

About Blue Mountain Quality Resources, Inc.

Blue Mountain Quality Resources is the leading developer of industry standard asset management products and services—designed exclusively for the life sciences industry. Founded in 1989, Blue Mountain offers a complete, integrated solution from set-up to installation and from training to validation for medical device, pharmaceutical, and biotech companies of any size or scope, including multi-site enterprises.

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