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Blue Mountain Regulatory Asset Manager Manages the Entire Maintenance Operations Cycle

“Blue Mountain RAM is unique in the EAM, CMMS and CCMS marketplaces with its Business Process Management capability,” said Jim Erickson, president of Blue Mountain Quality Resources.  “With this Management tool, Blue Mountain RAM has set a standard in automating the flow of all asset work, from request, planning and execution to review and approval, while maintaining Part 11 compliance,” continued Erickson.

Blue Mountain RAM’s third generation work flow management is a powerful and easy to configure automation tool.  Calibration and maintenance work is managed in a controlled and automated manner saving time, improving productivity and achieving Good Manufacturing (GMP) compliance.

Blue Mountain RAM R3’s new and enhanced functionality also includes configurable workspaces, a measurement uncertainty calculator and hierarchial failure codes.

Blue Mountain RAM R3 can bring greater efficiency to everyday tasks for a Life Sciences organization.  Calibration and maintenance groups can truly work together now to maintain assets and processes in a validated state.  Visit for more information.

About Blue Mountain Quality Resources

Blue Mountain Quality Resources is the leading developer of industry standard asset management products and services-designed exclusively for the life sciences industry.  Founded in 1989, Blue Mountain offers a complete, integrated solution from set-up to installation and from training to validation for medical device, pharmaceutical, and biotech companies of any size or scope-including multi-site enterprises.

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