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Bluvision Exhibits Their Industry 4.0 Solutions in Conjunction With Siemens

Fort Lauderdale, July 21, 2016

Bluvision ( will demonstrate their suite of connected manufacturing solutions – Real-Time Location System [RTLS], Proximity Location System [PLS] and Motor Condition Monitoring solutions at the Siemens Digital Summit being held at DMDII (Digital Manufacturing and Design Innovation Institute), the first-of-its-kind manufacturing hub, based in Chicago, chartered to foster innovative spirit and collaborative expertise within manufacturing. The Siemens Digital Twin Summit presents enterprises with future-proof solutions that helps aide their transition to Industry 4.0 using simulated, digital copies of their workflows, production design and manufacturing process.

Bluvision’s industrial IoT solutions provide visibility and documentation into location, health and performance of assets and the workforce within a location. Bluvision’s disruptive RTLS is a software-based solution that provides greater than one-meter accuracy in locating an asset, requires no wired hardware and comes with the lowest cost of ownership in the market. Bluvision’s PLS is used to track assets into and out of specific areas within a facility, and is a better alternative to RFID-based solutions. Bluvision’s Condition Monitoring tracks the health and condition of motors and motorized equipment by monitoring critical telemetry data including vibration and temperature, in an agnostic and low cost fashion.


For the Summit, Bluvision has been working to closely integrate their solutions with Siemens’ Digital Twin capabilities. Bluvision’s RTLS solution integrates with the Digital Twin to provide a virtual version of the employee (when the employee wearing the Bluetooth Low Energy [BLE] badge approaches a specific workstation,) within the simulated work environment. The employee’s pertinent process metrics can be loaded into the virtual model, which will then be used to evaluate workflow process and workforce optimization. Using Bluvision’s PLS, the same BLE badges can be configured to facilitate collaboration and safety measures through the creation of user-defined alerts. The beacons can be programmed to send out alerts to the supervisor when a worker needs assistance or more materials. When Bluvision’s Condition Monitoring is integrated with the Digital Twin, and Siemens X-Tools, it can be used to minimize manufacturing downtime due to motor failure and optimize the production process.

“Bluvision continues to drive value to the Connected Manufacturing process by equipping enterprises with real-time insights and visibility into the location and condition of their assets,” said John Sailer, COO, Bluvision. “The Siemens Digital Twin Summit is aligned with our vision of providing customers with innovative Industry 4.0 solutions and DMDII is the perfect venue to showcase. We are thrilled to have partnered with Siemens and DMDII to be a part of this event.”

To learn more about Bluvision’s solutions, email:

About Bluvision
Bluvision is leading the innovation in the IoT space as market leaders in sensor beacons, pioneers of achieving cloud connectivity without the need for smartphone applications and the first to offer cloud solution that allows remote, worldwide beacon deployment, and RTLS solutions. Bluvision’s simple architecture provides enterprises scalable solutions for tracking the location, health and performance of their assets. For more information, visit

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