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Buzzballz Selects AssetOptics to Manage New Preventive Maintenance Program

“In the past when things would break down, we would engage in a ‘guess and check’ process,” said Buzzballz Vice President Alex Kick. “Before AssetOptics, we couldn’t do a good job of logging what we did, what didn’t work and what the symptoms of problems were. It is very helpful that we now know what is going on.”

Kick said that he and new Maintenance Manager Ron Coleman worked together to select AssetOptics after he hired Coleman as part of the maintenance improvement effort. At the time, the company was in the process of implementing Salesforce and native solutions Rootstock and FinancialForce to manage its customer service, manufacturing and accounting processes. As a result, Kick said, it made sense to evaluate Salesforce-compatible products. Coleman had used computerized maintenance and management systems (CMMS) such as AssetOptics in the past, and the team determined that AssetOptics provided the functionality they needed.

With its variable scheduling and alerting/reminder features, AssetOptics has enabled Buzzballz to establish and faithfully adhere to weekly, monthly and yearly schedules for preventive maintenance, as well as to optimize resource allocation and produce work lists for technicians. “There is no metric for problems that don’t occur, but the lack of machine failures speaks to the quality of the AssetOptics system and our new maintenance technicians,” said Kick.

AssetOptics tracks all activity recorded for the maintenance sessions on each beverage production machine. Since AssetOptics is a native application, its data that will integrate directly with Buzzballz’ new ERP system. AssetOptics has also helped Buzzballz implement parts tracking to keep tabs on the spare parts that are vital to machine uptime.

“Maintenance governance can be a challenge for small, rapidly growing companies like Buzzballz,” said AssetOptics Principal Mike Edwards. “We are excited to help them achieve maximum equipment reliability with our solution.”

About BuzzBallz
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About AssetOptics
AssetOptics is a privately held company with deep domain expertise in enterprise asset management. AssetOptics Facilities, Equipment and Fleet Maintenance for Salesforce is a native application, benefiting from the reliability, scalability and performance of’s trusted enterprise cloud computing platform. For more information, visit

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