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Caterpillar Endorses AMT For Mining Products

“This is a great endorsement to get, Caterpillar are the largest supplier of mobile earthmoving equipment globally and recognised for their technology and innovation” said Graeme Elgie, CEO of iSolutions. “They do not endorse products lightly and it reinforces AMT’s position as the industry’s leading asset management software solution”.

“This also represents the start of an exciting new chapter for us. Over the next 3 months we will be working with Caterpillar to explore different areas where AMT can support their Dealers and their customers. It is anticipated a number of new opportunities will emerge that will further AMT’s footprint” said Elgie.

About iSolutions and Caterpillar

iSolutions is a leading provider of asset management solutions to mining and mining related companies. Our flagship software package, AMT, utilises the Framework® methodology and is recognised as a market leader in life cycle costing, budgeting and maintenance strategy optimisation.

iSolutions has worked with Caterpillar and Caterpillar Dealers for over 15 years. iSolutions developed the Caterpillar products Analyzer and Calculator for MARC rate development and contract management in 1999. AMT has been built on the success of these solutions and forms a comprehensive equipment management platform that supports a number of Dealer processes.

Currently over 25 Caterpillar dealers use AMT, including leading Dealers such as Finning, Barloworld, WesTrac, Cashman, Trakindo, Hastings Deering and Pon.

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