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CBM Enterprise Solutions, LLC announces CBMvision

CBMvision is an Enterprise Software solution that offers compelling benefits that complement traditional enterprise asset management programs. This cost-effective online, wireless, condition monitoring system is easily installed and includes the unique ability to provide near real-time diagnostics globally through our CBMvision Explorer module.

CBMvision is scalable for applications from plant level to enterprise level. It is also designed to support remote applications that have little or no network infrastructure.

CBM Enterprise Solutions, LLC has developed CBMvision to be a comprehensive data collection solution. CBMvision manages the global delivery and distribution of machine health data on an enterprise level. CBMvision is designed to feed data directly to the enterprise level maintenance program, be it EAM, CMMS, or other solutions. Machine data is now available for corporate level maintenance planning and decisions, as well as locally and regionally. While plant level maintenance managers make tactical decisions, corporate level reliability managers have the data they need to make strategic decisions to improve reliability company-wide. And, because of the network efficiencies built into CBMvision, this can be accomplished with a new level of affordability.

About CBM Enterprise Solutions, LLC

CBM Enterprise Solutions, LLC is a Houston, TX based company dedicated to providing CBMvision condition-based monitoring solutions that are flexible, scalable, secure and affordable for balance-of-plant equipment and remote assets.

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