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CBM Enterprise Solutions, LLC announces CBMvisionMD

Built on the philosophy of easy installation, rapid configuration and clear diagnostics, CBMvisionMD is designed for remote applications, like pumping stations, offshore platforms and wind turbines or for collecting additional data on-site when a hand-held device will not suffice. 3G/4G cellular communication technology makes data transfer easy and secure. You will get the right information, to the right people, at the right time, anywhere in the world.

About CBM Enterprise Solutions, LLC

CBM Enterprise Solutions, LLC is a Houston, TX based company dedicated to providing CBMvision condition-based monitoring solutions that are flexible, scalable, secure and affordable for balance-of-plant equipment and remote.

CBMvision, offers compelling benefits that complement traditional enterprise asset management programs. This cost-effective online, wireless, condition based monitoring system is easily installed, monitors assets remotely and includes the unique ability to provide near real-time diagnostics globally through our CBMvision Explorer module.

For more information about CBM Enterprise Solutions, LLC or CBMVision, please contact us at

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