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Chinon Digital-to-Audio Converter Turns Mobile Devices into Audiophile-Grade Sound Systems

For consumers looking for a superior listening experience from their PCs, smartphones, tablets and mobile devices, Chinon has introduced the new CH-DA260U digital-to-audio converter (DAC) with built-in amplifier and digital output.

Available immediately for $149 (USD) at, the CH-DA260U features a USB audio input, along with coaxial and optical digital outputs, so it will connect to virtually any audio or AV equipment that supports USB audio. Significant improvements can be heard in resolution, realism and depth, while still retaining the full functionality of digital devices.

“The Chinon CH-DA260U transforms multimedia devices into audiophile-grade equipment at an affordable price, giving users sound quality that is equal or better than equipment costing much more,” said Jensen Fong of Chinon Group. “It was designed for pure listening pleasure with the latest technology for superb audio performance.”

Although music lovers don’t hesitate to spend hundreds of dollars on headphones, the audio coming out is often disappointingly flat. That’s because they are listening to the device’s low-quality internal decoder and DAC. Getting the most out of high-end headphones requires an external DAC like the Chinon CH-DA260U that features a built-in amplifier and 3.5mm output with volume control, helping create a full-scale sound system delivering the highest quality audio, while still doing what digital does best.

The CH-DA260U leverages the simplicity of USB for a true plug-and-play user experience. Directly connect it to any device that supports USB Audio and decode digital audio for audiophile-grade music. Its amp steps up the punch of headphones, delivering much more power than most sound cards found inside laptops or tablets. In addition to headphones, the CH-DA260U can be used as a link between your smartphone, tablet or laptop and a home hi-fi or home theater system.

The compact aluminum casing minimizes interference, plus is durable and perfect for desktop. Visit for more details and to purchase the CH-DA260U.

About Chinon
Chinon Group was established in 1948 in Japan by founder Mr. Hiroshi Chino as a manufacturing and marketing company for optical products such as lens modules, 35mm cameras, movie cameras, disc drives, and printers. Long-time partner Eastman Kodak Company became Chinon Industries Inc.‘s majority shareholder in 1997, and later merged Chinon Industries Inc. into the group. Chinon Corporation was restarted by the founder’s family as the formal successor. For additional information, please visit

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