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Clockwork Takes the Complexity Out of Enterprise Asset Management

“We view this as an inflection point in the market place. Our new products take the complexity out of the very scientific process of managing volumes of data, formulating forecasting algorithms, and managing to key performance indicators systematically and proactively. We put the power of our technology into the hands of the client, and enable it with Clockwork expertise,” shared Sean Connors, CEO and President.

Each product of Clockwork’s EAM suite addresses a key phase of an asset’s life cycle, including design, engineering, construction, and operations.

DESIGN software and services are used during the design phase to simulate system availability and production needs and their impact on an asset’s life cycle costs. DESIGN provides customers the ability to model deployment options to determine the design choice that ensures the highest availability and production at the lowest possible life cycle cost.

DEMAND software and services are used once an asset is in service to determine the best approach to improve availability and production while lowering repair parts inventory costs and maintenance. A key feature of DEMAND is ongoing data management, where Clockwork data scientists update key operational and performance data monthly, allowing DEMAND users to change procurement and maintenance plans based on the most current data.

COMMAND software and services examine the feasibility and approach of designing and building a predictive maintenance approach. By determining relative risk of failure of key assets, the components that are driving that failure, and repair prioritization of each asset; COMMAND dramatically reduces the risk of disruptive failure, higher repair costs, and lower availability of key assets.

“At Clockwork, we have built a reputation as the trusted provider not only because we improve asset performance, but because we have saved our customers billions in repair parts and maintenance costs,” added Mr. Connors. “Enterprises are looking for ways to use the enormous amount of data they have to make more efficient and effective business decisions. Our experience in EAM for predictive analytics makes us a natural choice to assist enterprises with lowering asset life cycle costs while significantly improving availability and production.”

To learn more about DESIGN, DEMAND and COMMAND visit or email us at

About Clockwork: Clockwork is a global leader of predictive analytic solutions for enterprise asset management (EAM) that improve availability and reduce repair parts inventory and maintenance costs of capital intensive assets. The company has years of experience serving the needs of the Aerospace and Defense, Energy, Heavy Machinery and Transportation industries by providing cutting edge solutions to help analyze their data, giving them visibility to each phase of an asset’s life cycle, resulting in billions worth of savings. For more information visit

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