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Cohesive Solutions’ Propel Performance Management Solution Awarded at the Solution Awards

Cohesive Solutions' Propel Performance Management Solution was awarded for the best in Leadership for Reliability during the Solution Award ceremony at the RELIABILITY conference in Las Vegas.

LAS VEGAS, NV April 26, 2017

On Wednesday, April 26 Cohesive Solutions’ Propel Performance Management solution was awarded Best in Leadership for Reliability at the Solution Awards. The Solution Awards event is a part of the RELIABILITY conference, being held in Las Vegas, NV this week. The RELIABILITY conference is held annually, and focuses on innovation in asset management, reliability and the industrial internet of things.

The Propel Performance Management solution, developed by Cohesive Solutions, is an enterprise level performance management solution which enables organizations to optimize their asset management programs by measuring reliability, process effectiveness, and ensuring alignment of business processes with strategic objectives. Overall, Propel helps organizations achieve operational excellence and practice continuous improvement. Propel is the perfect candidate for the Solution Awards because of its innovative framework, measurable insight, and asset-intensive focus.

Anthony Honaker, Vice President of Product Strategy and Development at Cohesive Solutions had this to say about the award, “It is an honor to receive this award and recognition from Optimizing reliability, pursuing continuous improvement, and achieving operational excellence are central objectives of both and the Propel Performance Management solution from Cohesive Solutions. We look forward to continuing to work with our customers in their pursuit of these strategic goals."

You can visit for information on Propel Performance Management.

About Cohesive Solutions 
Cohesive Solutions, is a leading enterprise asset management consultant, certified Gold level IBM Business Partner and systems integrator. Cohesive Solutions provides business transformation and consulting services that enable organizations to achieve higher asset ROI as well as delivers a unique EPM solution, Propel, that unlocks hidden potential while aligning business performance goals. Since 1990 Cohesive Solutions has provided world class services to Fortune 500 organizations. Learn more at

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