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Comma Ltd. Launches Restricted Alpha Version of Comma CMMS

Comma Ltd has released a restricted alpha version of comma CMMS, a cloud-based computerized maintenance management system that targets small to medium sized organizations involved in any type of equipment maintenance.

Comma CMMS is the professional-grade variant of maintenancedb, a popular open source solution with proven real-life usage by a wide variety of companies. “with my personal involvement with maintenancedb both as a code developer and as an actual user along with my 10+ years in industrial maintenance, I got to learn a considerable amount about the real needs of small companies in what concerns a CMMS solution that just gets the job done. We tried to pack in all the features we could with as little complexity as possible and we are very pleased with the result”, said Rui Alves CEO and CTO of comma Ltd.

Scheduled for a mid-January 2014 full release, the software as been made available in the current alpha stage for the input of users in an attempt to adjust functionality features to match the largest amount of users and industries possible.

“The response so far has been overwhelming and we currently have over 150 registered users actively interacting with the software and proposing changes and additional features on a daily basis. We are definitely on our way to creating the most powerful yet simple web-based CMMS ever.”, Mr. Alves said.

Once it is commercially released, comma CMMS will include a free account limited to one user, one plant (or operating location) and two departments and paid options for each additional user or plant per month. The software will run in comma Ltd servers resulting in lower operational costs since there’s no need for users to run and maintain their own IT equipment.

“We invite all professionals that work in industries that involve equipment maintenance to register as testers and contribute for the development of comma CMMS. In return these testers will be given special access to the system on a case by case basis that may include additional free users and/ or plants once the full feature software comes out”.


About comma Ltd.

Comma Ltd is a Macau and Hong Kong based company, founded in early 2013 that focuses on the development of web-based computerized maintenance management systems for small and medium sized companies. For more please visit

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