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Condition Monitoring Services Annouces Partnered With SMEC

Condition Monitoring Services, Inc has recently partnered with SMEC to provide predictive maintenance support for existing and future customers. SMEC is a professional service firm known for it’s high-quality consultancy services on full scale asset management strategies. SMEC has more than 75 offices throughout North and South America, Africa, the Middle East, Asia and Australia. Both CMS and SMEC are known in their respective industries for their long standing relationships with clients and recent growth. By integrating CMS services into the SMEC offering, a complete package can be offered to help improve operations performance and asset dependability.

Some of the various services offered by CMS include vibration data collection and analysis, infrared inspections, ultrasound surveys, oil sampling and analysis, in-place machine balancing and alignment, motor current analysis, continuous online monitoring systems (including installation), and several PdM training courses to support in-house monitoring programs.

SMEC provides consultancy services to a broad range of industry sectors, including: Transport; Hydropower and Energy; Water and Environment; Urban and Social Development; Resources; and Industrial and Manufacturing. SMEC’s dedicated Asset Management function delivers exceptional results to provide tangible returns on investment through sustainable Asset Management solutions.  

This is achieved through:

Increasing the overall return on investment (ROI) 

Improving employee safety and environmental stewardship 

Increasing productivity through asset reliability

Lowering total cost of ownership  

For more information on these companies, please visit their websites at and Feel free to contact Kirk Cormany, the owner of CMS, at (888) 359-3277.

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