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Using the Centurion XPC, maintenance engineers, safety managers and inspectors in oil, gas, petrochemical, pharmaceutical and other facilities can safely capture still and video images to safely document operations and plant conditions, even in explosive atmospheres.

Once back in a safe environment, users can quickly and easily download the images to a personal computer for review, analysis and storage. They connect the camera through a USB port and simply drag and drop selected images and videos-no special software is required.

CorDEX has named leading distributor TRANSCAT first to distribute the Centurion XPC explosion-proof digital camera in the United States.

“We are extremely excited to be promoting CorDEX Instruments latest Explosion Proof product”, explained Jay Clark, Director of Vendor Marketing for TRANSCAT. “Safety is very important to our Oil, Gas & Petrochemical customers and this product helps them to capture images in Class I, Div. 1 areas safely, the new Centurion XPC fits neatly into our current product portfolio”

The Centurion XPC explosion-proof digital camera is certified for image capture within a Class I, Div.1 Groups B, C, D hazardous (explosive) area. Incorporating a 5 Megapixel sensor and up to 4x zoom, Centurion XPC has the ability to capture images up to 10 Megapixels, as well as moving pictures in AVI format.

With its still and moving image capture capability, Centurion XPC allows documentation of equipment and processes within an explosive area quickly and easily for maintenance, safety and quality control. It is designed for all weather day/night operation and is rugged and durable enough for use in such challenging environments as offshore drilling rigs.

Incorporating an onboard, fully automatic strobe flash, Centurion XPC can capture still images in extreme low light situations at the touch of a button. Users can review still images and movies on the armored 2.4 inch LCD screen located at the rear of the camera, even in the field.

Available with onboard image storage of 2Gb, the Centurion XPC can store hundreds of images which are then transferred via high speed USB communications link to a PC, once in the safe area. Each camera comes with a removable, rechargeable 1000mAH NiMH battery pack.

Centurion XPC is also supplied complete with a battery charging station, mains power pack, USB cable, battery removal tool, documentation CD/Manual. Additional battery packs and accessories are available from CorDEX Instruments Authorized Distributors or online.

For more information

For more information on the CorDEX Centurion XPC explosion proof camera, or to find the location of the nearest distributor, contact CorDEX Instruments Ltd., Unit 6, Farfield Main Road, Wykeham, Scarborough, YO13 9QD Email. Tel. 1-877-836-0764 or visit the CorDEX Web site at In the United States contact the American distributors of the Centurion XPC: TRANSCAT Tel. 1-800-800-5001 or

About CorDEX Instruments

CorDEX Instruments is a certified manufacturer of high quality hazardous (explosive) area equipment with in house design capability. ISO 9001:2008 certified, the company’s BS EN13980 registered manufacturing system ensures the utmost quality and repeatability of CorDEX products’ manufacture for maximum reliability in the field. Headquartered in North Yorkshire, UK, CorDEX Instruments has a continually expanding global distribution network.

About Transcat

Transcat, Inc. is a leading global distributor of professional grade handheld test and measurement instruments and accredited provider of calibration and repair services primarily for the pharmaceutical and FDA-regulated, industrial manufacturing, energy and utilities, chemical manufacturing, and other industries.

Through its distribution products segment, Transcat markets and distributes national and proprietary brand instruments to nearly 14,000 global customers. The Company offers access to more than 25,000 test and measurement instruments. Transcat delivers precise, reliable, fast calibration, parts inspection, production model engineering and repair services across the United States, Canada and Puerto Rico through its 12 strategically located Calibration Centers of Excellence. Transcat’s calibration laboratories are ISO-9001:2000 registered and the scope of accreditation to ISO/IEC 17025 is believed to be one of the broadest in the industry. Transcat’s recent acquisition of United has also provided entry into both the Distribution and Service segments of the industrial scales and weighing systems marketplace in the Wisconsin, Northern Illinois and Upper Michigan areas.  Transcat’s growth strategy is to expand both its distribution products and calibration services in markets that value product breadth and availability and rely on accredited calibration services to maintain the integrity of their processes.
More information about Transcat can be found on its website at:

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