PLUS: InCTRL Connectivity Allows Users of Non-CTRL Sensors to Interface with the InCTRL Condition-Based Monitoring (CBM) System

CTRL Systems, Inc. (Westminster, MD USA) – InCTRL the cloud based ultrasound CBM systems has just been enhanced. The new version allows for the monitoring of unlimited data points, as well as unlimited number of simultaneous users having access to the data and reporting. A new function has been added InCTRL Connectivity, now sensors of many makes/models can connect and send data to InCTRL.

Users who have made investments in other ultrasound sensors but how want to advance to the benefits of condition based monitoring (CBM) of the data can interface with InCTRL. For many this meets they do not have to reinvest in hardware to be able to have the CBM data function. When ordering InCTRL cables are provided for connection of those sensors to the InCTRL systems.

InCTRL was developed by CTRL to enable corporations to analyze, trend, and report the condition of critical production equipment in their facilities real-time. The InCTRL mobile app allows the user to record ultrasound directly from the CTRL UL101 and now other ultrasound sensors (InCTRL Connectivity), using a standard Android Smart Phone, and uploads to the cloud-based program via wi-fi connection. Baselines, test readings, and photos of test points are all stored and accessible immediately upon upload. The newest updates to the app allow for ultrasound data to be efficiently communicated from the technician throughout the organization to quickly identify problems without multiple trips back and forth to a desktop. The real-time data upload from in the field can allow the technician to record, analysis, take corrective action if needed and record the result all while at the test point.

Bob Roche, President of CTRL Systems Inc. states. “After years in the field, many of our customers now manage their equipment through the exception reporting provided by InCTRL. This allows them to focus resources only to when and where they are needed.”

CTRL Systems, Inc., headquartered in Westminster, Maryland, specializes in designing ultrasound technology and implementation programs for energy savings and condition-based monitoring applications for both industry and defense. The company’s programs are supported by comprehensive training, analysis software, data capture, and ultrasound detectors. CTRL Systems builds upon its technology to successfully integrate ultrasound to meet the specific needs of its customers.

For more information about CTRL Systems, Inc. please visit or call 877-287-5797.

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