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CTRL Systems Integrates Mobile Technology Into Its InCTRL Program

InCTRL is a cloud-based application developed by CTRL several years ago to enable corporations to analyze, trend, and report upon the condition of the critical production equipment in manufacturing facilities. The new InCTRL Mobile app records the ultrasound directly from the CTRL UL101, using a standard Android Smart Phone, and instantaneously uploads to the cloud-based program for historical comparison and analysis.

“One of our corporate client’s locations reduced their catastrophic failure to zero through the first 6 years of using the UL101 Ultrasound Detector together with InCTRL,” said Ben Fried, Vice President, CTRL Systems. “The new InCTRL Mobile app now gives our clients a more efficient process to accurately deliver essential equipment reliability data, reports, and analysis from the front line Maintenance Technician to the Reliability Manager and the General Manager in a timely and graphically displayed fashion from which they can make immediate decisions and take corrective action. Multi-site companies can also receive reports relevant to the highest levels of oversight and accountability”

The CTRL InCTRL turn-key program has been successful in helping organizations decrease production loss and improve maintenance practices. Unscheduled equipment maintenance due to actual failure can result in unrecoverable profits, increased parts inventory, product loss, dissatisfied customers and huge labor and unplanned variable costs. CTRL’s InCTRL app (and cloud based software) diagnoses potential operating malfunctions that leads to such failures. “The new app opens the door to greater communication and integration throughout an organization,” states Bob Roche, President & CEO, CTRL Systems.

CTRL Systems, Inc., headquartered in Westminster, Maryland, specializes in designing ultrasound technology and implementation programs for energy savings and condition-based monitoring applications.  The company’s programs are supported by comprehensive training, analysis software, data capture, power monitoring, and ultrasound detectors.  CTRL Systems builds upon its technology to successfully integrate ultrasound to meet the specific needs of its customers.  For more information about CTRL Systems, Inc. please visit or call 877-287-5797.

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