Motion Computing today announced that Canadian full service mechanical contractor Dael Thermal has equipped all of its field service technicians with Motion F5 Tablet PCs. In combination with the kmplete mobile service management suite from Ontario-based KMP Designs, Inc., the Motion solution has enabled Dael to eliminate paperwork-induced revenue losses as well as improve both field team and office personnel productivity. Service call delays have been minimized and on-site repair capabilities have improved.

For the past 30 years, Dael’s field teams would call – or drive to the home office every time a new service request was submitted, supply orders were processed or customer authorizations were required. This resulted in nearly 225 daily calls from both mechanics and customers back to the office support team, and it became very cumbersome as customers’ requests started becoming more time critical.Technicians weren’t always provided details about the customer complaint or service history in the initial paperwork they received and found upon arrival at a service call that it was difficult to quickly isolate problems and initiate the repair process.

“A commercial baker loses money every minute that his ovens are broken and his production is stalled. Our customers can’t afford for us to contribute any further to their downtime, and the burdensome paper-based response and repair processes we depended on were challenging our productivity and our customers’ patience,” explained Chris Stewart, Service Manager, Dael Thermal. “We used to lose 10 percent of our total sales revenue due solely to missing paperwork alone. That’s not factoring in losses from increased labor needs or repair delays.”

It became critical that Dael invest in a mobile solution that not only empowered its field teams to provide immediate resolution for its customers, but that was also as tough as the jobs they were completing.

“It doesn’t make sense to give a commercial mechanic a mobile device that can’t withstand 24/7 exposure to extreme conditions such as high heat, moisture or tight quarters,” said Scott Ball, Canada country manager, Motion Computing. “Fortunately for Dael, our tablets were designed specifically for the bumps and bruises associated with this line of work.”

Since Dael Thermal started logging and dispatching service calls, processing requisitions, gaining customer authorizations and procuring service contracts via mobile channels, its field teams have not only become more efficient in their customer response capabilities, but more successful in securing repeat customers. The rugged Windows-based Motion F5 Tablet PCs and kmplete software solution combo allow Dael’s mechanics to execute all business functions under a single intuitive and familiar interface. Field teams can now retrieve and update work orders, time sheets, parts requisitions and invoices while at the customer site to minimize back-and-forth calls. In addition, they can now utilize the on-board camera, barcode reader and radio interface to capture and send real-time repair updates to home office and customers or submit accurate model information to suppliers without risking miscommunication of serial numbers.

As KMP’s support specialist Amanda Geerlinks explains, “One advantage of using our mobile software is the familiar user experience. The tablet used by the mechanic in the field and the desktop used by the home office staff look exactly the same on screen. The programs, data entry fields, etc. are identical. Plus, by using a Windows-based system, the look and functionality of the software is identical to what many employees have long used on their home computers, so there is little learning curve.”

By enabling real-time data entry and information sharing with just a few keystrokes, technicians now arrive at the jobsite with all supporting information on customer history and current repair requests and can quickly provide recommended courses of action to the customer while keeping home office in the loop.

“For more than three decades we were at the mercy of paper and people. The problem is that both make mistakes, and it often took a long time for us to identify those errors and correct them, resulting in frustration for all parties. Sometimes the customer took the biggest hit and sometimes it was us,” continued Stewart. “We realized that nothing can compete with the immediacy and accuracy of mobile – whether for two-way verbal communications or data sharing. In our industry, the company that can respond the quickest to emergency service calls is the one that will win new business – and long-term customers. That’s why we jumped into Motion’s mobile proposition and KMP Design’s software solution with both feet first and we couldn’t have made a better operational decision.”

About Dael Thermal

Servicing Ontario since 1982,the Dael Thermal Grouphas becomea well known, reputable, established and full service Mechanical and HVAC contractor.Since the companies conception it has had a very steady rate of growth. The Dael Group has always adapted with the times and new technology with ongoing training and upgrading. Our staff members are highly trained in all aspects of our trade.The Dael Thermal Group is committed to developing long lasting relationships with our customers as well as our product suppliers, to ensure the best ongoing service possible.We always welcome a chance to establish new customer relationships and you will find that the value we can add to your companies operations or bottom line is second to none.The Dael Thermal Group is also a proud supporter of several charities including Camp Oochigeas (a camp for children with cancer)

About KMP Designs

Since 1996 KMP Designs has been designing and developing real-world custom software solutions within a variety of industries, including manufacturing, distribution, maintenance, repair and overhaul (mro), professional service, not-for-profit, and human resources. Our software solution, kmplete, is a made-in-Canada software solution that will revolutionize field service operations. By eliminating paper and streamlining key operational areas, the solution delivers reduced costs, improved cash-flow and a competitive advantage. For more information, visit

About Motion Computing

Motion Computing® empowers organizations worldwide with technology solutions designed to optimize the performance of mobile workers.Building on a foundation of award-winning technical expertise and decades of industry experience, the Motion® team makes it their business to understand your business.Through industry-leading rugged tablet PCs, tailored accessories and services – Motion delivers mobile technology solutions customized to business workflows.Purposely built for vertical markets including field service, healthcare, utilities, construction, retail, public safety and first responders - Motion’s suite of mobile technology solutions improves worker productivity, data accuracy and security, while enabling real-time decision making at the point-of-service.Customers report lower operational expenses, increased efficiency and enhanced customer service.Motion makes its solutions available through a global network of value added resellers and distributors. For more information, visit

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