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DataSplice Adds Additional Avenues To Contact Mobile User

Now that the world is more connected than ever, including field service workers, DataSplice saw the need to add to their marketing presence. Well known in the IBM Maximo user group scene, as well as various Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) and Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) forums, the need to ramp up their internet profile has become apparent.

Convergence Specialist, Kat Pullen, returned to DataSplice a few years ago. Seeing that the initial marketing buzz was beginning to quiet down, she added Facebook and Twitter to their noise machine. “It seemed so natural to move to this venue to promote our mobile Maximo system and complete solutions for field workers.” remarked Pullen “As more of our end users are getting connected, they’ll be able to embrace mobile technology, and work with their key decision makers on ways to make their tasks easier.”

DataSplice provides a weekly “mobile trivia” tweet, as well as providing company news, tips and other information. Using the Facebook presence brings a personal touch, too. As the effort expands, the hope is to bring more information to clients that helps them in their daily tasks. They also reside on LinkedIn, and have an accounts on Technorati, too.

With the integration into social media into their overall marketing plan, DataSplice hopes to expand on its customer-centric education efforts. Providing useful information to field workers, it believes that they’ll be able to help more users into developing a mobile Maximo and EAM system that will make end users more efficient and self-sufficient.

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