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Datastick Systems: New VMM Vibration Multifunction Meter with PC Software for Trending and Reports

In the most basic VMM model, Datastick InSpect software on the handheld computer displays Acceleration as well as exclusive Peaking value for early detection of bearing faults. Other models also display Overall Velocity, with ISO alarms when a preset threshold is exceeded. Alternatively, users can set their own alarms, as well as enter checkpoints and provide specific instructions to a technician, such as when to take the equipment offline immediately. Other upgrades are available as well.

All VMMs also include PC software, Datastick Reporting System (DRS) for InSpect, that captures this data, and provides trending and exception reports. DRS is Microsoft-Excel-compatible for ease of sharing of data with colleagues and consultants.

“Much more than a vibration tester, the VMM is a platform,” said Melrose. “Monitoring vibration is the most effective tool for predicting potential equipment failures, and the affordable VMM fits into the tools budget of most users. Upgrades can be added as budget permits. Meanwhile, the VMM will enable the user to predict many equipment problems before failure occurs, thereby saving costs and downtime while protecting personnel and equipment.”

All VMM packages include a handheld computer and VMM module, software for the handheld and the PC, standard accelerometer, magnetic mount, cables, hardshell carrying case, and soft protective case. VMM-1100 models are upgradable to the popular VSA-1200 analyzers, and the VMM-3100 models are upgradable to the new VSA-3300 rugged VSAs.

Datastick handheld vibration testers and analyzers are in use in many different industries, including precision manufacturing, oil and gas, facilities management, utilities and power generation; they are excellent for equipment such as pumps, generators, motors, and turbines. They are particularly valuable for mobile applications in the field where portability is essential. VSAs are also used to detect structural problems caused by vibration that may cause harm to sensitive equipment, as well as to employee health. Datastick portable dynamic BAL-2000 balancers are used to balance parts that cannot be taken apart and put on a balancing machine.

About Datastick Systems, Inc.
Datastick Systems is a leading provider of cost-effective, innovative handheld vibration analysis and portable machine balancing systems. Companies around the world rely on Datastick solutions to maintain the reliability and uptime of their machinery. Datastick Systems is headquartered in San Jose, California. For more information, phone (408) 987-3400 or visit

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