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DAXEAM Extends the Value of Microsoft Dynamics AX for Asset Intensive Operations

Powered by Microsoft Dynamics AX, DAXEAM is an enterprise asset maintenance solution that manages the complete asset life cycle. DAXEAM is fully integrated with Microsoft Dynamics AX, providing equipment and asset maintenance to AX customers in asset intensive industries. As a native Microsoft Dynamics AX module, DAXEAM integrates maintenance operations with Microsoft Dynamics AX‟s back office ERP functions. DAXEAM will be unveiled at the Microsoft Convergence Conference in Atlanta, Georgia - Booth 1311.

DAXEAM is designed and built from the ground up as a true „enterprise‟ maintenance solution for Microsoft Dynamics AX. DAXEAM takes advantage of the power of Microsoft Dynamics AX providing a single, seamless environment for users and eliminating costly and inefficient integrations. DAXEAM works with Microsoft Dynamics AX - not against it - thereby maximizing a company‟s ability to affect true enterprise-wide efficiencies. As a native Microsoft Dynamics AX module, there is nothing extra to build, customize or maintain. From the first day, users will be working in a single, familiar Microsoft Dynamics AX environment.

“DAXEAM is the best example of how an integrated, Microsoft Dynamics AX based, Enterprise Asset Management solution can deliver value to our end customers in asset intensive industries,” said Martin Wildsmith, Business Development Director at Eclipse - a Microsoft Dynamics AX Partner of the Year Finalist. “By making full use of core Microsoft Dynamics AX functionality DAXEAM is far easier for our team to implement and take live than trying to hook in a non Microsoft Dynamics AX stand alone solution. Additionally, DAXEAM provides end-users with a world class, highly-responsive, cross-platform user interface. This is exactly the architecture a modern business enterprise needs.”

“We are pleased with the continued improvements in the product and marketing direction of DAXEAM,” said Crispin Read, general manager, Microsoft ERP. “DAXEAM extends the value of Microsoft Dynamics AX, providing an innovative solution for customers in asset intensive industries.”

Innovation for the End-User

DAXEAM provides the user with a single point of data entry, single source of records for vendors, inventory, assets and more. A unified environment between maintenance operations and the back office for security, logistics, workflow and reporting enables true „enterprise‟ asset management.

As a result, DAXEAM is able to Reduce operational inefficiencies Eliminate multiple data sources and the effort to reconcile disparate data sources Optimize human and material resource utilization Provide real-time visibility into maintenance operations Increase accuracy and timeliness of maintenance forecasting and planning.

As a native Microsoft Dynamics AX module, DAXEAM uses familiar, standard AX navigation; therefore users are instantly comfortable in navigating and using DAXEAM. IT staff can support and maintain DAXEAM with little added overhead as DAXEAM is a native Microsoft Dynamics AX module; even security profiles are common between DAXEAM and AX.

Most “standalone‟ equipment maintenance solutions require costly and inherently complex integrations. Duplicate databases are required for important corporate data such as vendor files, purchase orders, inventory, receiving and matching. DAXEAM eliminates these costly, inherently risky integration points. DAXEAM shares vendors, purchasing, inventory and receiving with Microsoft Dynamics AX. There are no multiple data entry points, no need to „synchronize‟ files and no need to create costly data reconciliations between two systems. DAXEAM is a true Enterprise’ asset maintenance solution.

“The launch of DAXEAM is the culmination of months of collaboration with Microsoft, our customers and partners and analysis of the EAM marketplace,” said Phil Earle, DAXEAM Business Unit Director, WellPoint Systems. “Partners and customers alike told us they wanted a fully integrated EAM solution - one that takes full advantage of the combined force of DAXEAM‟s maintenance functionality, fully integrated with Microsoft Dynamics AX, providing a true „enterprise‟ based asset maintenance solution.”

DAXEAM will be available in the 2nd quarter of 2010; for more information visit

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